How to help the planet heal during the coronavirus

Dear everyone,

Participants in these restless and changing times on earth. Panick and chaos has been rising among us, but right now it is important to see the big picture. Are you in with me? Then let’s see the steps we can pursue to heal ourselves and the planet.

We are moving into new times, in which we need our awareness heightened. We are going from the “I,” period to a more collective “we.”
Long time we have pursued our own ego into achievement instead of following our heart’s desires. Listening to our heart is necessary in order to stabilize and balance this earth.

healing corona virus

Right now, following the ego and strict wishes of our surroundings has lead to great imbalance of mother earth, and a great imbalance of ourselves. It is about finding our truth, beyond race, religion, politics and the media. The silence arrives by means of quarantine, and that is where we can feel where we are at and that we can no longer keep going as we did for the past decades.

A different view on money

For a lot of you these are difficult times concerning money. While one half of the planet is earning money during the coronavirus, the other is suffering. We are all in this together and this is a great time to reflect on how we see money. Money is not evil, money is an energy and greater fulfillment of earning money comes through earning it honestly.

How many people out there have been earning money through dishonest actions? And have you been one of them? On the new earth that is arriving, there is no place for the old, there is place for higher thoughts of being and transparency.

Transparency can only be obtained, when every single human being is connected to their higher self and act with integrity. Food for thought: “Who am I hurting in the process of my act?”For example: “people who still walk outside and not think of others in the process during the coronavirus.” Are you willing to accept a collective healing? Or are you convinced that selfish actions lead somewhere? Hard questions that need to be faced at this time.

Deep buried wounds are trying to find its exit

Sitting still equals a force to look within ourselves. For you introverts out there this is a lot easier, but for everyone who was escaping themselves and avoided facing what is really there, this is a time to face these nasty emotions.

Is this easy? Me writing it is easier than said, but everyone including me have to deal with these emotions. Do not be afraid to face them and know that it is only temporarily. For the last few decades we had to deal with an increase in depression and burn-out’s. This means that we have been dealing with a situation for a long time that our body is not build for. Non-stop stress-full situations has led to avoiding our feelings in order to deal with outside factors.

Now is the time to heal from the busy times around us, or to go back to our ancestry and heal the family line. The bomb of suffering has been ticking for a while.

Humanity has dealt with extreme pain and suffering and this suffering has been given from generation after generation by our DNA. You can find your wound or one of them by looking at Chiron in Astrology and/or you can book a reading with me and I would be happy to help you further.

Coronavirus healing enhancers

What can you do to help the planet healing further on a metaphysical level?

1. Pray

Prayer has a stronger effect than you think. When you pray for the planet and for yourself, you unconsciously send healing energy to the outside world.

You can send a prayer for the people that are working very hard in the hospital and/ or you can send a prayer to the people carrying the virus. Understand that people who died from the virus, volunteered from the other side and did that to provide you with healing. Respect and honor these souls with so much love.

2. Forgiveness

These times are no times for holding a grudge toward someone. It is time for forgiveness and an understanding that the other person acted from a lack of understanding the light within themselves.

Everyone is growing in their own time, and that is the beauty of growth. When you forgive something in you is letting go and is making space for something better. As anger means also holding on to something that is not aiding you in the process of development.

3. Don’t fear and hate, meditate

meditation coronavirus

We can focus on all the fears out there by acting on the collective conscious with more fear. This will not help the planet heal, we need positivity and light for healing. Think of a dark room, the only thing that makes us see clearly is a light.

Be the light in the room and make people see what is out there in reality. By showing the light to others, you have to be strong in your own space by meditating. Meditate, listen to mantras and do some yoga or exercises.

Find yourself a space at home and make meditation a daily routine. You think you do not help by staying at home, but you can definately make a difference.

4. Learn, study and find a new hobby

Now that you have more time (not speaking about all the people that are working hard helping people out there), find yourself a hobby. Try to make your time useful. Relax and grab a book that you always wanted to read or do that online course that you always wanted to do.

There is no need to panick 24/7 and all we can do is make the best out of what is happening right now by living in the moment. Is there something that you always wanted to know more about, go for it dear soul! Develop yourself into the being you would like to be, no matter what your interest is about.

5. Eat healthy, boost your immune system

Please everyone, stay healthy. This is not the time to go into addictions because of boredom. Stay healthy and true to yourself so if the virus catches you, you are 1 step ahead of yourself. Besides that, there have been articles online that lemon with hot water is very useful plus vitamin C.

So get that fruit out of the closet and go for it! Make yourself some fruit salad and bring some colors into your day.

6. Love yourself and the people around you

Now is not the time for a fight. Love the people around you and appreciate a roof above your head with food. This is the time to gather and find the love from within. Have you been loving yourself? Or have you mistreated yourself lately? This is the time to heal feelings of unworthiness or lack of self-love. You are here for a reason, you are worth being alive and are a part of this planet.

No need to feel like an outsider or unloved. You are always loved by God, by the universe by all the light existing. The Mindful Magazine loves you and we are here to send you blessings of love and warmth.

7. Call the people that are alone

If you have a family to go home to that is amazing. However, do not forget about the people that are spending this time alone. Give them a call and tell them that you are there for them. The same accounts for the eldery, help them out if you can.

We are all in this together dear soul!

Stay safe and so much love from The Mindful Magazine

Hope this article was helpful for you. Just be patient and accept the situation for what it is. The planet right now is healing more than ever. It seems like a disaster, but in reality many good things are coming from this.

Honor the people that sacrifice themselves in these times. Honor yourself for being here, and honor the planet by stopping the destruction of it.

Wish you a beautiful process.

The Mindful Magazine

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