Guardian Angels, who are they?

Your Guardian Angel has been with you since before you were born, when you were a soul floating around in spirit. Therefore they know you extremely well, because they know the “real” you, not just the culture, time period and physical body you are working with now. It is possible that your guardian angels have been with you during several of your past life journeys on earth too.

Guardian angels are very close to Spirit, so they have access to all the destinations and experiences and relationships that were planned out for you on earth, which you might think of as your soul contract, or blueprint. They also know the lessons you came to earth to experience, and also what you are here to teach.

Who are your guardian Angels

1) Communicating with your Angels

All of us are able to connect with our Guardian Angel. When you ask them to intervene and help you with something specific, they are more than happy to assist you. This is because angels will, almost always, support your free-will choices, unless they know your free-will choice will be very detrimental to you or others, or perhaps create a major detour away from your highest good.

When asking your guardian angel for extra guidance and support. Always speak to them with love and from the heart, whilst asking exactly what you require assistance with, in fact it is important to be clear as they find it easier to assist you. Whether it be romance, finances, health, career, just ask and then start to watch for the signs.

Very often communication, or signs from our Angels is likely to be repeating, for example seeing 111, 222, 444, 777 etc. Other signs include finding pennies, white feathers, small coloured floating orbs, seeing repeating words on advertising boards, ringing in your ears or Orchestral music. They also often guide us to places, people, choosing the right book, or applying for a new job.

To begin to connect your angels know you deserve to receive and just release the need to control situations, people, and emotions, just allow the energy and the laws of the universe to work on your behalf. By doing this you open up room for all the good that can come into your life. Allowing yourself to receive opens up your energy to do the things that make you happy and to receive the abundance that is your birthright.

Your angels always see your life from the perspective of allowing. They support that vision for you and within you until you are able to feel it for yourself. The sooner that you learn to let go of resistance and to start affirming what you desire, the sooner you will come into alignment with what you’re asking for.

2) How to connect with your Guardian Angel

For those who wish to connect with their Guardian Angel, sit in a peaceful space where you will not be disturbed for at least 10 minutes. Now, visualise the purest white and gold light flowing all around you, entering your aura and energy field. Breathe in this light, and imagine yourself gradually and completely filled with this light until it feels you are completely circled and sealed in a bubble.

Do no not rush the process, just continue to breathe in the light, releasing any negative thoughts or energy, letting go of worries or anything you feel weighs you down. Ask your Guardian Angel to surround you with protection, love and healing. You can do this exercise as often as you wish to create the connection.

3) Who are the Archangels

There are millions of Angels to assist you, more than enough for each and every person on earth. However, some of the popular Guardian Angels are assigned specific roles, which you can call upon at any time.

Archangel Michael represents protection and can be called upon to assist in situations you may feel afraid, confused or concerned for your safety. He assists in releasing fear and supports us in making life changes finding our true direction, motivation and worthiness.
Archangel Raphael represents the power of healing both physical and emotional. He assists in individual healing as well as helping those who give healing. If you require healing just ask and visualise beautiful green light flowing through you, from head to toe.


What are Guardian angels

Archangel Gabriel represents communications, known as the messenger. She assists with areas where we may find communication challenging, overcoming fears relating to this, so that we can find confidence to use our authentic voice.

Archangel Jophiel is the patron of Artists who assists us to see and maintain beauty in life, helping us to stay positive and be able to manifest our true desires. If you are seeking wisdom or a shift in perspective, you can ask for help to see things from a different point of view.
Archangel Ariel represents the protection of earth and our environment as well as being the patron of animals. She can be especially helpful in ensuring your needs for food, water, shelter and your daily supplies are met.

Archangel Azrael represents the end of life to to help souls in their transition from the physical world to the spiritual. He also helps loved ones who are still on the earth plane in dealing with their grief and processing their loss.
Archangel Chamuel represents the big mission of bringing peace into the world. As such he protects the world from fear and lowers vibrating, negative energies. He is believed to have all knowing vision seeing interconnectedness between all things.

4) Your are Never Alone

Whether you believe in Angels or are a skeptic, your Guardian Angel can still assist you whenever you call upon them. They truly understand your life’s mission and their desire is to help you accomplish this to lead a healthy, happy and abundant life.

Very often your Guardian Angel will have stepped in many times already in your life. Consider the car accident you escaped unhurt, the fall without injury, the most precious item you own thinking it was lost, yet reappearing, meeting the love of your life in the supermarket, recovering from illness, your dream job landing at your feet and so forth.

Remember, even if you feel alone, you truly never are, as your Guardian Angel is always by your side, gently encouraging you, loving you and protecting you. Their communication will always be gentle, reaffirming and positive.

Written by: 

Leigh O’Neill 

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