How to start with a healthy life? – 5 Tips

We see the glowing skin on someone’s face, the athletic figure and we wonder. How to start with a healthy life style. Well, in this blog we hope to get you started on a healthier life style.

Feeling good in everything you do and having enough energy to do what you want to do.

Yes, exactly that is something everyone would like to achieve. In the morning the alarm rings, and you turn your mobile on snooze for a while, because you just do not feel like getting up yet.

Instead, how would you experience a morning where you get up right away. Take a shower, having that healthy amazing breakfast and go to work. That is a possibility that pops up in our mind a lot. But, we have to wake up now and make it into reality.

1. Start your day with a king-size breakfast

Exactly, the title explains it already. Enjoy a nice breakfast. Take some yoghurt with fruits and nuts/ seeds.

You can for example make a yoghurt with blueberries and walnuts. Certainly, you will feel awake and amazing starting your day. Eat some eggs with tomato and cucumber on a cracker.

Yes, sounds delicious isn’t it. I am sure the internet can tell you many more healthy breakfast that will boost your day. We are here to remind you of doing so! You want to avoid a lazy digestion system so yes, make it work and sure you stay closer to that healthy body.

How to start with a healthy life?

2. Take a break and relax

Nowadays almost everyone is always busy with “something.” This can be work, full-time mother/ father or combined. In all these busy moments we forget to take a little break.

By taking a break I mean close your eyes for a moment and do nothing. Even if this is for two minutes. These two minutes could be on the toilet, when getting in the car, just behind the PC at work or whenever it is possible.

If you have some more time, just take a moment for yourself. Treat yourself with a nice cup of tea and just take some moments to obtain life.

3. Healthy Lunch

After your King-size breakfast it is time for lunch. The choice of time is all yours, the best is to keep a little bit of a rhythm of time every day. However, do not overeat and eat when your body is asking for it.

Lunch is the second largest meal of the day. If you do not have much time, please do not hurry to a fast-food shop, just because it is easy and cheap.

There are several manners to obtain the nutrition, for example by eating a filling salad or a healthy sandwich. Your body will tell you what it craves for in a healthy way.

4. Obtain Inspirations

This counts for any time of the day. If you read or hear something inspiring either by reading or listening, you will feel more alive.

If you hear an inspiration (which can be different for everyone), you will be inspired to achieve the goal in mind. Inspirations might lead you to your beautiful life purpose.

What makes you move and for what reason does it make you move? How to be you and achieve the thing that fits you best. Isn’t reading this already an inspiration on its own?

5. Your daily session of sports

Sports, yes indeed very necessary to obtain a healthy body. However, in some cases physical movement in work is already enough.

Taking a walk (at least half an hour) is very healthy. You can decide to take the stairs in stead of the elevator. These options are for the people that have no time to execute a sport.

If you do, you can choose to do it any time of the day. There is no wrong or right in any sport. Do which sport provides you with physical movement by means of dancing, yoga, football etc.

You just need half an hour a day of a little more intense movement.

5. Balance social life and alone time

Yes, in most cases it is very hard to be alone or for some it is impossible to integrate into a social life.

A perfect balance is the best. From nature on we are collective and being in a group can give us real energy. However, at some point we need to rest our busy minds and spend some time alone.

You can socialize by doing a team sport, it builds up energy and teaches you to work together. Also it is a brilliant way to meet new people. Alone time is also necessary even though it is just a few moments.

Read that book or watch that series or take that walk alone. Anything is possible in life as long as you allow it to happen.

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