How to find the right spiritual balance in your life?

Lately, I am all about trying to find the right spiritual balance. Therefore, I am inspired to write this blog about finding the balance that makes you happy and the steps to move forward.

Where do you start with finding your spiritual balance?

In order to understand the right balance balance, you have to know where to start with your view on spirituality. What is being spiritual and how do you become spiritual. Being spiritual does not mean you have to be, or look like a guru, psychic or any other perception that is brought out there.

Spiritual people are people that are on their own journey. It is personal and not perceived by others. The extra powers as clairvoyant, clairsentient and all the other “clairs”, are either there from the day you were born or they come along in the spiritual journey.

 5 steps that can aid you on your spiritual journey

Let’s give you an overview on how to aid your journey by finding the right spiritual balance. Here are 5 steps to take into account:

1. Meditation = Segregation (of the mind, body and soul)

Meditating is the number one to find peace within yourself. If you just sit down for a few minutes every day, you will see you will get better at meditating.

Meditation, like any other sport takes training. There is no such thing as ” I cannot meditate,” bummer…. yes, you can! You need to control your urges to think with the mind. Leave all your worries aside when meditating.

How to find the right balance in your spiritual life?

This can be done by doing the things you need to do before, or just write them down before you go into meditation. Listening to meditation music might calm you down or you can follow a guided meditation.

There is no right or wrong when it comes to meditating. You have to find the best way that fits with you. I am just here to provide you with a reminder and some inspirations, that will make you continue on your own beautiful journey.

2. Write down your wishes

Being spiritual does not mean to be egocentric, but you can think about yourself first. When thinking about yourself first, you can help others in the process. So let’s start with you! What are YOUR wishes?

If you do not let the universe know what you desire, it is not out there and it can’t directly happen. This is called the law of attraction.

When I say write down your wishes, be as specific as possible. Do not write down that you want to be a millionaire or you want to have a Ferrari. Off course you can, but you do not know how you will obtain this in the first place. Find something that really moves you. The wish from your heart and your highest purpose.

How to find the right balance in your spiritual life?And, then you might be surprised that you could actually be a millionaire achieving what you love to do, if being a millionaire is your wish. It is just an example of what you could write down.

If it is being a mother and a wonderful housewife, write it down. There is no right or wrong here. You got your main purpose here when you came to earth and most probably that is what you wish for.

We need all sorts of people on this planet, therefore, never think you are better. We are a collective, there is no high or low jobs. Everything is needed to make our planet move.

3. Be consistent

This one I am writing down, because there will certain be many distractions coming in from different angles.

However, being distracted will keep you off your path. There might be many outside resources and people that test you to see if you really want to pursue the path of your real heart’s desires. In order to stay consistent, follow the path of meditation, calm and find your spiritual balance.  This might seem very difficult at the beginning, but it is worth it, after the hill of work, there are the rewards!

4. Healthy food

Healthy mind is one, healthy food is another. When you combine the both it is even for the best. You can have a healthy mind, but if your body doesn’t come along, you won’t get far.

Finding the right balance in your diet is up to you. Listen to what your body really needs. How do you think you will get the most energy? Will eating pizza or lots of meat get you trough the day? No, it won’t. You need to find the right spiritual balance in your eating patterns.
How to find the right balance in your spiritual life?

What kind of cravings do you have? Because certain cravings are answers to what is missing in your life. For example, if you crave many sweets, maybe you are missing some sweetness in your life.

If you are overeating, are you eating your problems away? If you are not eating enough? Do you love yourself enough to nourish it? Think about all these questions, and it will bring you a lot further.

What is good for you and what not. Analyze what you are taking in. It will define your body for the rest of your life.

We all want to look younger and more vital, don’t you think it is about time we see the fact that it has to do a lot with eating patters, sports and mental health. Balance them all and you will look better than ever! Oh yeah!

5. Release yourself from karmic patterns

This one I added, because it is an important one in order to move on. We all have these cycles that keep happening to us. Over and over and over again, and we wonder… why does this always happen to me?

Yes, my dear, these are karmic patterns or vicious circles that keep happening until you know what you have learned from this situation. I suggest you to pick up your pen and write down things, that have been happening to you in a repetitive pattern. You have to be real honest with yourself.

See this whole situation like you have a helicopter overview. If you see this situation happening from the outside, what could you have done better?

You cannot change the people in it, but you can prevent it from happening again by changing yourself. I challenge you to go back in the past and notice what you could have done different. This is a real start in developing yourself in a better version that you always wanted to be. Ready for more spiritual balance?

Balancing these steps into your daily life

Now I have mentioned a few steps that will aid your spiritual journey. When you got the hang of these steps and you are becoming more aware. And when you are more aware, you will correct yourself quicker.

You will notice which situations are happening to you over and over again and when you have a fall- back situation.

This is completely normal, we are not perfect people. You have to understand that we are humans with a human experience and we are not here to be perfect.

This is a school where we learn from our mistakes. It is up to you to embrace yourself for who you are with all your imperfections. Yes, you have a certain emotion, do not hide it from yourself and others. It is important to switch your emotions on.

Who are you fooling here? Why do you want to come across in a different way than you are? Start embracing yourself and find a healthy balance in your daily patterns. It is all about acceptance, rather than pursuing who you are not. The truth always comes out and your real self will be revealed sooner or later.

Conclusion on finding your spiritual balance

Do not make everything too strict for yourself when finding your spiritual balance. Take everything as light as possible, but be consistent. If you restrict yourself from many things in life, you will crave more for it. If you do not take it that heavily and just focus on what you can do, like meditating you will get much further with finding your balance.

Do not put on a different face or mask, or pretend to be someone else. Not only for others, but for yourself. It is exhausting and draining and people do want to get to know you. We are all different and we can’t be all the same.

Embrace who you are and start loving yourself. You have emotions, so what? Everyone has them, it is completely normal. You might get angry sometimes or behave in an irrational way. It is up to you to notice this.

Can you apologize? Can you be aware enough to see it? Can you train yourself to calm yourself down in this situation? Ask these questions and you will get much further. Finding your right spiritual balance will bring you more rewards, than you can possibly imagine.

I wish you good luck, from the core of my heart. And if you have any questions, you can always ask me or leave a comment below.

If you prefer listening to videos, I invite you to take a look at my Youtube Channel : The Mindful Magazine. 

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