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Conscious eating: How to eat consciously?

What direction are we going with food? Do we really care for our bodies nowadays, or are we just eating whatever we want in order to live. What is it that we actually need?

In this video I explain about conscious eating and what does it mean. In this video I am explaining my perspective of conscious eating and therefore, I do not claim to be a doctor. These are my experiences based on my spiritual growth.

Where to start with conscious eating?

You know that you want to change your diet, but you have no idea where to start? I think the first thing that needs to be done is to be aware. What are you exactly eating every day, and what is healthy and what is not.

How often do you eat and what are the portions you are taking in. Your body will tell you what it needs. Listen to it. Go back to the roots of humanity. Do we really need that much? Asking yourself questions is the start of change. Start with questioning yourself and to change your diet.

How do you change from your habits?

Change comes along with awareness. If you are aware of what you are eating and what it does to your body you want to change. It will be a lot easier when you are aware of the facts that all the sugars, pesticides and antibiotics do with you body that is nowadays processed in many of our food.

Conscious eating: How to eat consciously?

In order to have more energy and to feel better, your body needs healthy food with proteins like green leafs as spinach and nuts like walnuts and almonds. Not all proteins come from meat, therefore there is no need to overeat it. I am not telling anyone to be vegetarian or vegan, but there are several benefits of not eating meat.

Benefits of not eating/ eating less meat:

1. You support the environment (too many animals in a close spot with too many gasses)
2. Proteine is in meat because they eat plants (it is therefore fine to eat more plants)
3. Damaging of the animals (they are very much aware of the whole process)
4. It will do good for your health and weight.

As said before, if you do not want to stop eating meat, then reduce the amount of consumption. You can feel good, because you are already aiding this planet. One day you might want to have children, or your children want to have children.

Think about it, leave the planet nice and clean. Do not be selfish, just because for now you are alive and you are fine. The meat prepared nowadays, is not comparable to the meat that comes straight from nature or the farm. If we are natural meat-eaters or not. I leave open for discussion…

Back to the roots of conscious eating

Let’s go back to the roots with our diet. Were there produced juices or soda drinks at the start of all? No, we are not meant to drink these things. You can make your own juice with fruits or lemon. It will taste just as nice and it is much more healthy. Easy replacement here.

Furthermore, microwave food. Do you eat it? There you have a quick win on health. Stop eating microwave food. I know it is easy to prepare, but there are many other fresh foods that you can prepare quickly, there is no excuse for that. A salad or healthy sandwich is done in a minute. Put some veggies together in the pan and create a quick healthy win. Read more on my healthy food blog posts for inspirations.

Money & planning for healthy food

Healthy food is usually expensive is a reason of many. However, you spend money on alcohol, cigarettes, dinners, soda drinks and many more unhealthy habits.

What if we changed our unhealthy habits into healthy habits. In stead of buying something that is not good for you, why don’t you spend money on something that is good for you. Take care of your body and provide it with the nutrition that it needs.

Buy cheaper vegetables and once in a while treat yourself with some more expensive foods.

See what is possible within your reach. There is a thing such as conscious eating, but also there is conscious buying. I cannot look into your wallet, but I am sure there is a solution for you to eat healthy. You can even start to grow your own vegetables on your balcony or garden or even inside your house.

Let’s talk food solution & slow down the aging process

It is time to put the excuses away and start to be aware on how to take care of our bodies. If we stop consume all the mass products, we reduce the chance of diseases and we raise our energy levels.

I am always emphasizing on the awareness of everything. Be aware of what you drink and eat. You want your body to stay young and vitalized in stead of drained and tired.

If you want your aging process to slow down, I can tell healthy food works 100% better than cremes. What you feel and are from the inside shines out to the outside.

I challenge you to change your diet and lifestyle. Combine it with some sports and take care of yourself. Give your body and soul the love it needs and you just extended your life by doing so!

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