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How to get rid of negative entities?

This is a discussion not many of people want to talk about but are definitely experiencing. In this video I provide you with some basics of how to get rid of negative entities. You can remove them temporarily but the main aim is to not have them at all anymore.

Some of us are conscious of the negative entities, but in many cases people are not as conscious as they could be. Negative entities act like a magnet. If you are negative they feel attracted to you. You can attract them when over excessively drinking alcohol or using drugs.

How to change your frequency to positive?

In order to stop attracting negative entities, it is important for you to change your attitude into a positive one. It doesn’t mean you are a bad person, on the contrary. Many of you sensitive souls, do not understand the hard reality of earth and start grasping to alcohol or any other satisfying products to reduce the amount of feeling.

It is a pity to continue this path, as it is not necessary. You can create your own reality beautiful soul. There is no need to stay in the path of misery. Start speaking with friendly and positive words. Everything that you send into the universe, could come back to you. It works like the law of attraction, so be aware of your speech.

The tricks of removing negative entities

Here I name a few tricks that have helped me in the past. These are the small tricks, as raising your frequency is something you want to ultimately reach. Then you will forever be freed from negative entities and for the ones that are pretty “open” to receive then you will meet the divine side of spirituality. Which is a true bliss, I can tell you.

How to get rid of negative entities?

What can you do, every morning you can visualize that you create a white light around you. You can do this in the morning when you get up, and before you go to sleep. In this way you are protected with white light, which negative entities do not like! It also protects you from general negativity.

Furthermore, you can pray to god. Any verse will do according to your beliefs. Repeat the verse 3 times and ask for protection from god and the angels.

Do not be afraid of negative entities

Scary and chilly negative entities are for sure. But you have to remember, that you are the human being here. You hare the physical aspect here and they cannot harm you. You have to not be afraid, because that will get them away from you. And that is off course what we want.

Stay strong and command them nicely to leave. Visualize white light and let it come from the core of your heart. You are more powerful than you think . See the world through pink glasses, do not think that is stupid or too romanticized. It is exactly what you need. Love conquers all! Remember that.

Speak up about your experiences

Speak up about your feelings and experiences. Search for people who can help you or have been through the same. You are not the only one with this. Speak with the right people that can help you.

Do not pay million of euros for advice, a normal amount of exchange is fitted. But remember, everything you can do yourself, sometimes you just need to have a coach that can help you trough. See it exactly like that!

Look around and do not stay stuck with these experiences as they can influence you in many bad ways and you can end up with a trauma. You are not crazy, there is nothing wrong with you. There is more than heaven and earth, please do not label yourself crazy!

Self – love is key!

Another reason for negative entities to enter your life is because they see an empty space. When you love yourself you shine and you heart it filled with love. If you create an opening of emptiness, because you do not appreciate your body and soul it will create an opening for negative entities. They will emphasize your horrible moods and send bad thoughts to you.

Start today with loving yourself. Focus on your heart chakra when meditating and send love to yourself and everyone around you. Look in the mirror and tell yourself how beautiful you are. You deserve all the love and happiness, just like everyone else.

Contact me

If you really do not know how to proceed, you can send me an email and I will be happy to provide you with some tips. You are never alone, I repeat that again. I dare you to start loving yourself and start with changing your life patterns into positive ones.

Positivity and love are key to beat the negative entities! Let’s not allow them to take us over or destroy our lives. We deserve all the best and what we want is the divine love and caring. I wish you great luck with everything and lots of love!

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