The flow of life vs. where am I?

When we ask someone how he or she is doing an answer that is often given is “I am going with the flow. ”

What we often don’t realize is that it is a more powerful sentence then we think. Nowadays, there is a huge tendency to control everything. Control the way we feel, control the money we spend, control ourselves, other people, and life events.

How far did that get us when thinking about it? Not as far as we wanted to. Let’s dive first into why we want to control ourselves and the currents in our lives.

Controlling life vs. flow

Can you control yourself? …. Yes, you can….. will it make you happy? … Probably not. But is a certain amount of control necessary? Yes, it is. But I prefer the word guidance.

The perfect sentence would then be “I am guiding myself with the flow of life.” Letting go of oneself is good but in a way of guidance that comes naturally to you and which feels good from within your whole being.

“I am guiding myself with the flow of life”

For example, eating unhealthy may be something you enjoy for the moment. But your own feeling and/ or guidance tells you that it doesn’t feel good with it.

The more you listen to your guidance or in other words your intuition, the closer you are to your flow of life. And yes, that is where we want to be, isn’t it!?

“At a certain point you may think, many people live in the flow of life, but where am I in this flow?”

If you think about it, it doesn’t have a beginning or an ending. Instead, it is a way of living, a way of least resistance. Don’t think but feel what is right for you. There is no one else who can tell you what is the best way of living for you, only you know.

Why do we want to control other people to do what we want? This makes no sense because you probably won’t take the same from other people either. Let everyone in their flow of life and their beautiful waves of guidance.

Every person has their ideas, creations, and realities. We can only announce our wishes to the other person, but controlling never ends in a good situation. Meeting each other’s streams in the flow of life seems like a comfortable option.

Life will take you where you need to be and will show you who you need to meet. Your beautiful destiny will flow your way.

Mastering the Art of Flowing through Life – The Steps

Life can often feel like trying to swim against a strong current. However, it’s possible to move with the current, to flow with life instead of resisting it. Here are some steps you can take to embrace this state of fluidity:

1. Embrace Uncertainty

Our instinct to control everything is a futile attempt to conquer the future. But remember, the future remains ever elusive, only existing as a concept. Instead of trying to control the unpredictable, embrace the present moment. Savor the now, and let tomorrow unfold naturally.

2. Listen to Your Inner Compass

At our core, we all have an intuitive guidance system—a “gut feeling.” Listen to it. Your intuition can serve as your compass, helping you navigate life’s unpredictable waves. Trust your inner voice and allow it to guide your decisions, leading you towards your true purpose.

3. Surrender Your Desires

If letting go feels challenging, try this: Write down your dreams and aspirations for the future. Once you’ve transferred these desires to paper, fold it up and put it away. By doing this, you’re symbolically surrendering control and leaving your future in the hands of fate. Let destiny unfurl its plan; you might just find your wishes turning into reality.

4. Surround Yourself with Positivity

Choose your companions wisely. Be around people who understand the essence of going with the flow—those who inspire you. Going with the flow doesn’t mean being passive; it involves active participation in life, but with a sense of ease and acceptance. Like-minded individuals can support you in this journey and help you foster a positive mindset.

5. Observe Nature’s Rhythm

Nature can be our greatest teacher. Notice the flow in the natural world—the changing seasons, the rhythmic ebb and flow of the tides, the growth of plants, the migration of birds. Everything in nature moves with a certain rhythm and grace, growing and evolving as it’s meant to. Allow these observations to inspire you and guide your life rhythm.

If it is hard to let go. Write down the things that you desire to happen in the (near) future.
Fold the paper and put it away. Leave the control with the paper and let destiny happen and you
might obtain the things that you wrote on that particular paper.

Conclusion with flow

Let go of control of what should be and allow your life to flow. Do not let yourself be trapped in a situation where you wish something would happen and you miss what is actually happening around you.

Be happy and understand that you can live the life you want to. However, do you have your eyes open to it?

Wish you all the love,

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14 thoughts on “The flow of life vs. where am I?

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  2. Controlling life vs. flow? To completely know the flow state and to be, is a duality of both in a harmonious state! By this may an example would articulate it more clearer. In a canoe on a swift river flowing with the current, but at the same time in the moment steering your intentions with the paddle but allowing the flow of life to assist you down the river of life! Where as paddling against the river of life is harder, tiresome and takes more energy but still leads you to your intention!

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