The concept of time and how to manage it

What is the concept of time and how can you manage it properly? How many things can you fit in one day? Where will you go next and what do you have to do to get there now.

There is no more peace around, people are rushing from one thing into another. Always thinking that they are missing out on something. “If I do not get there in time, maybe I miss a huge opportunity.”

Manage your time well

However, people forget about the divine timing, the time that things flow easily and are meant to happen as they are. When you pressure for situations to happen, they are most unlikely to happen at all. There is no space for the energy to flow into something beautiful, something surprising and unexpected.

A huge energy of controlling outcomes has been a problem for most of you. But you can never be prepared for life, it will not always go the way you want it to go, but it will always be the best for you and your soul purpose/ lessons.

“I am busy,” what is busy?

Nowadays, it seems really cool to say to people that you are busy. “Do you have time this week?” No I am super busy. Busy with what? If you keep repeating that you are busy, you create an energy in which there is no space for new opportunities.

If you say in stead, this week I won’t be able to make it, but next week I have time. That would be a more positive statement. You always have time, you are the manager of your own time management. Time is however, only an illusion, which humanity created to meet somewhere at the same time.

Divine timing therefore, has been put aside completely. As a big fan of the clock, the time of allowing is important too. You can do anything you want to, you just have to create your time and so “energy” towards that direction. Nothing is impossible, there are just excuses and resistance towards the direction you want to go.

Create time for your dreams and prioritize

Many times we run after things you can’t have at the moment. You want people to like you, finally accept you and you keep pleasing and chasing energies, that won’t allow you to grow.

It is all about giving and receiving, see how much time you spare when you only choose the people that exchange positive energy.

Take time for your dreams

Create time for your health, your mind and the loving people around you. Lot of time, the people are there to stay are taken for granted. You chase for the unavailable and “time” is wasted and you feel angry and frustrated.

Unrealistic expectations are set, and you are up for disappointment. However, when you create space for growth, and really start loving yourself fully, you will start spending time with quality people and you will work on your dreams.

You understand that it might take some time, and you enjoy the whole journey without expectations. But you just know it will be alright. It feels like a flow going through your life, and you are like a surfer on the waves.

Plan ahead and set realistic goals

Instead of controlling your destiny, be in control of the now. You can make plans ahead on your dreams. Work on it every day a little bit and know that one day you will get there.

If you achieve every goal in one go, how boring life would be. Actually you would never be satisfied, because usually what excites you the most is the journey towards the goal and not exactly the achieving. As most of the time when you get there, you do not appreciate it as much as you would have thought before.

set your goals

But, practicing gratitude and appreciation of the small achievements, sets you up for more. The less expectations and the more you allow things to flow to you, the more you will be amazed how awesome life can be. Stop holding on to what should be, and start embracing what could be.

Put your energy into making plans, they make be vague at first, but with time they will make sense. Set 1 hour a day after work for reading into something, working on a specific goal or studying something you love.

As long as your energy flows into some plan you are closer to where you want to be. That is why it is important to do what you love and to love what you do. Like this you won’t feel busy or exhausted. Time just passed by like it was nothing.

Be ready for change, do not be afraid

Watch your beliefs about yourself. Do you feel like you have not enough time, or you can’t be successful because it just won’t happen for you. Think twice! The difference between you and successful people is only that they believe they can do it.

Change the way you see time, change the way you see yourself. Let your fear behind, there is no need to fear your success. Even when you fail, you win, you just became richer in knowledge of what you do wan’t or on how to improve yourself and get it right.

Fear is not necessary when you take your time. You can start with something next to your job until you are ready to move fully towards that dream. Or maybe it is just a really fun hobby that you would like to pursue.

There will be many people telling you what to do, but only you know where to spend your time on and how to plan it. Be smart about it and think of success, think you have so much time that you will have to finish your project way on time.

Stress takes away time

Stressing about not finishing does not bring you in the flow and slows down the whole process. Thinking about not finishing it, emphasizes the fact that you can’t do it. Just start somewhere and believe that you can.

Lose the fear of failing and just start from where you are. Let the universe take you where you need to be. Thinking about not enough always leads you to the lack of something. Just start believing in yourself and that you are worthy of positive outcomes.

Love yourself unconditionally and give yourself time

Self-love is giving yourself time to relax, to do what you love and to be surrounded with the people that inspire and love you most.

Give yourself peace and know that all will be oke. The concept of time is in your hands. Time is you filling it up with your schedule, with your activities that you like doing.

You are the master of your own life, you can decide how to plan it. Do not look at others and how much they are doing, you might be completely mistaken of how much time they spend into something. Just look at yourself and your own time.

Be smart about it and make sure the things that you do make you smile. Do not think in terms of busy, think in terms of “I have so much time and space to do what I love.”

Wish you all the best as always, hope this is helpful. Share it with your friends and family and flip the switch in your life.

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