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Do you also want to love, love?

Love, that is something we are all aiming for in life. But what is love exactly? And why is it so difficult to reach love? Those questions are in all of our minds. Here in this article, we will discuss how to get closer to love. So, do you also want to love, love? Do not hesitate to continue reading this uplifting article from The Mindful Magazine.

Where love all begins

Love is and can be many things. When you first come into this world you receive the love of your parents in whatever situation that is. They bring you up with love, whereafter you start forming your own world.

This can be from the age that we start talking. What would you like to do with your day and what makes you smile? These are the questions you are asking yourself.

Do you also want to love, love?

Soon when you become 6 or 7 years old you start exploring your hobbies and the particular sports you would like to do.

In your teenage years, the hormones start running and you might be starting to have feelings for other people. In these years you are putting everything into place. When growing up there are so many factors of confusion, which has much to do with the world we live in.

What is my identity?

Going to school, all the homework plus the insecurities we have on how to behave in a group.  It makes you think… what is my identity and who am I?

I think it is very important for parents to support their teenagers even though they make mistakes (which comes with part of the age). If you love them unconditionally they will feel loved which will eventually lead to self-love! And yes, that is the state we want to reach.

Standing in front of the mirror, looking at ourselves, and being completely happy with who we are from the in- and outside. However, that seems very difficult nowadays. Another way of reaching love is by meditating.

Perfection, is it real?

The media shows all the “perfect” model bodies and perfect faces from the top nodge actresses. But in a way…. what is perfect and what is reality? There is no real perfect standard.

There is feeling good and not feeling good and when you think about it how could it get this far?  How did “perfect” happen? Everyone is beautiful just as they are. If we could just look through these glasses at ourselves and others, wouldn’t there be a lot less division?

Do not idealize love

Idealizing is not possible, but what if you have the choice to look at the world through “the feeling-good glasses.” Wouldn’t we just take that opportunity?

Why choose pain for not being good enough, over you being good enough? You are beautiful and you do not need anything or anyone to make you more perfect. You are already perfect and your perfect match comes when you are fully into loving yourself.

How can someone love you if you don’t love yourself? I think it is a pretty good start to look in the mirror every day and tell yourself that you are amazing.

A few affirmations for Self-Love that would make your day:

– “I am beautiful”
–  I am perfect just the way I am
–  I am love in abundance
–  I love life
–  I love unconditionally (without conditions)
–  I love my body and personality

YEAH… isn’t that a good start of the day? You should try it every morning! To give you that extra confidence boost.

Unconditional Love

Love is not just for a family and true love matches, it can also be for work, nature, and animals.

Look at our pets, don’t they just always love us? Even though you are having a rough day or a bad mood, they are always there for us. UNCONDITIONAL love it is called. Loving someone without any restrictions or guidebooks. Just love… that’s it.

Nature brings love as well. Nowadays, people pass by the trees and natural beauty and miss the whole essence. Just look at a tree for a moment and see the beauty of it.

You can touch or hug a tree and it will give you more bliss than you think. Follow the leaves, the wind, the birds on the trees and watch and stare for a moment.

Love what you do

Love for work, or you could say love your work. Choose something you love and find a way to make money out of it. Other blogs will go further into soul purpose and doing what you love.

Overall, what The Mindful Magazine wants to suggest you are:

1. Do love yourself, you are unique and perfect as you are
2. Love, love by looking around at nature
3. Love like animals do (unconditionally without restrictions)
4. Find love by loving yourself (Love will find you when you love yourself)
5. Nothing should make you stop believing in love! Love conquers all. Yes, it does!!

Do you want to love, love? Follow the above instructions made with love.

Have a wonderful day!

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