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Love to surrender and surrender to love

This quote is a great mindfulness statement about love. Nowadays, it seems a lot of people are confused what love is about. Love can be a feeling for someone but we forget that it can also be a state to be in.

You can feel love always if you are connected to the divine. When you accept this beautiful love, you feel warm and loved always and it doesn’t need an extra person to feel up this space.

In a way we are always looking for our other half. But what if we start looking for the other half in ourselves? When you find that half of yourself, you are complete already and you do not need to find another person to feel up your empty gap.

Fill this emptiness up yourself and when you did that, your true love can come. You do both what you were meant to do, but still you love, learn and work together as the strengths of a DNA.

Acceptance of what is

You accomplish far more with this kind of love, because as you are both fully who you are meant to be in this lifetime, you accept each other already for each others flaws, life purposes and whole being. It will become a decision and not a dependency. It will be a decision to stay with this beautiful person, because he or she lights your world even more.

This partner supports you with your dreams and the other way around. There is no need to be with that person, it is a peaceful state of being. A perfect match, that takes two roads that become one.

Love will find you

When you surrender to love, and not keep looking for the “need” for love. Love will find you. Love to surrender to the divine will bring you the actual love you want.

Staying in that magical place of the state of love is something we all would like to reach. This can be done by raising your vibration and accepting to “All that is.”

All that is, is the beautiful source, that is ours to reach. That is the wisdom of all, and contains enough love for all of us. Concentrate focus, meditate and surrender to love. When you contain the love, you can surrender again to the divine and let life happen and trust that all will be oke… because it will.

Much Love,

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