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Vegan rice and vegetable wrap

Ingredients of the vegan wrap

Today I have another vegan meal that is very easy to make, you can actually keep mixing the vegetables you already have in your fridge.

The ingredients that I added to this meal:

– Rice (any kind of preference works)
– Brown beans
– Spinach
– Red pepper
– Tomato
– Coconut oil
– Pumpkin
– Wrap

How to prepare the vegan wrap?

This dish can be finished in 15 minutes more or less. Start with cooking the water for the rice. After that you can start cutting the pepper, tomato and pumpkin. Use coconut oil, or any preferred oil to bake the vegetables with.

Have the spinach, red pepper, tomato and pumpkin first in the pan, after which you can add the brown beans. They can be added last as they do not need to be baked that long just heated up.

If you would like, you can add a sauce to the mix. One day I added sweet and sour sauce which was delicious. Put everything together in the pan and then you are ready to go.

Let’s be honest, no more excuses about time. Just put together the veggies that you have. Just do it and cook your own delicious vegan meal!

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