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Vegan Quinoa Green Curry

Ingredients for the vegan green curry

Today I made a self-made Vegan Quinoa Green Curry. The picture doesn’t by far honor the taste of this dish.

The ingredients I added were:

– Potato
– Carrot
– Quinoa
– Tomato
–  Red Peppers
– Squeezed walnuts
– Green Curry sauce
– Pumpkin

how to prepare the Vegan Quinoa Curry?

Peeling the potatoes has to be done first, whereafter you lay them in water and heat the fire of your gas stove or electrical stove. Cooking the water for the quinoa is the first thing to do. In the meantime you can cut all the vegetables. This dish will take about 15 minutes which is really easy and short. The aim of this section in the blog is to show you quick vegan/ vegetarian meals.

When the water is cooking, you can add the quinoa to the water. When all the vegetables are cut, you can put them together in a frying pan. You can add oil or coconut oil to the vegetables. After about 10 minutes all is ready and you can drain the water from the potato pan and quinoa pan. After that you gather everything in 1 pan and you can put the amount of food you like on your plate. When that is done you can crunch some walnuts over your food and Voila it is done!

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