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How my spiritual awakening changed my life

How to spiritually awake?

This video is a continuation of my first video in which I am telling about myself and how my spiritual awakening changed my life.

In this video I will talk about my spiritual awakening and how I got there. What did I do to come to my spiritual awakening and what did I see happening? How much time does it took me?

In all the video’s and blogs of The Mindful Magazine I will give you more insights about the ways to reach that state of spiritual awareness and awakening. Do not let yourself fool that it is not possible for you.

It is possible for each of everyone of you. It is our natural state which is in better connection with spirit and the world around us. It makes us see more about our surroundings than you do when you are asleep.

How to become spiritually aware?

Being aware of the inner self and the effect we have as human as a united consciousness is a huge start. We are all connected with each other. Every person we meet is a reflection of ourselves.

People that come into our lives are there for a reason. Some will stay longer and some just came for a lesson and with continue their lives. Love everyone the way you do yourself, but do not limit yourself. Take care of yourself first and then love others with your powerful energy.

In order to find your inner self you can meditate. If you would like to practice meditation, read more about how to meditate?

I hope you will enjoy my video about my spiritual awakening and if you feel like sharing experiences of your own, please do not hesitate to write a comment below or send me an email as indicated in the contact section. Read also on how to come out of the spiritual closet!

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