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How to come out of the spiritual closet?

In this video I am talking about how to come out of the spiritual closet. It is very difficult to tell your family and friends about your experiences. They might think you are out of your mind or in worst case scenerio that they will ban you.

But do not be afraid, you can’t forever hide how you feel. You do not have to convince people about your experiences. Just tell them with both feed on the ground (as in strength) what you are feeling. Nobody can tell you better how you feel than yourself.

Many of the light workers feel lonely

Many of the light workers or however you would like to call it, feel very lonely. People are not approving of things that go beyond of things.
We live in a life of facts, which means that we only believe what we see. But what if seeing, can be interpreted in more ways.

What is seeing? And can it be seeing from the minds eye? What if we do not use everything to our full capability? There are so many questions, that a lot of people do not dare to question yet.

How to come out of the spiritual closet?

The people that start questioning things in life are usually the ones that are on their way to a spiritual awakening.  The spiritual awakening makes people aware of their pain body, are you ready to release it?

The pain body is called this way, because many people identify themselves with the daily pains and think they deserve what comes to them or stay in unhealthy relationships, just because they haven’t felt what it is like to be free of them. It is time for humans to come out of the spiritual closet.

Stay in peace with yourself

We need to understand that it is very difficult for them to separate their suffering from their daily lives.

When you become aware of what is, you are able to divide these feelings. Therefore, telling people about how you feel can be difficult, because not everyone is ready to understand you. People can only understand you as far as they have found themselves.

They might have a fear of you or distance themselves, but do not take this heavily, just show them your shiny character and people get interested!

The process of the spiritual journey is you fighting your ego, which is a fight on its own. We do not want to fight with the people around us and therefore, it is best to keep things as light as possible. Just be YOU and tell them you found a way that made you feel better. The details about all your experiences would be better to share with a spiritual community or spiritual friends.

Find a spiritual community

After you have told your family and friends and you do not want to bother them with all the amazing experiences you are having. I recommend you to find a spiritual community or start following workshops with like-minded people.

In this way you can divide the themes of your conversations. Do not force your experiences and believes on other people, as you can’t do that when they are not ready. Everyone here is on its own path and we all experience different realities.

Be brave and stand of for what you believe without implying. Start to look for your life purpose as a lightworker.
After your awakening your life purpose becomes more clear and you will receive help to get there. Bare in mind, not everyone will approve of what you do, but there are many jobs that people would not approve!

It is unfortunately the fact that not everybody can like everybody. It will be the same with hobbies, religions and experiences.

Just stand up for what you believe and help our beautiful planet to become ONE again. Do not be ashamed of your experiences, they are so beautiful and precious.

You are unique and that is all that matters. Your uniqueness has a magnificent spot on this planet and we are lucky to be here. Be part of this journey and do not be afraid to tell people who you are.

Because we love you and you are liked! The divine will keep you protected and safe you sparkling soul!

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