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Spinach and lentils: A powerful combination

Today I made a real vegan power meal with lentils and spinach. Spinach is something that can’t be missed in a vegan diet. As mentioned, I am not here to be a professional chef, but I rather show you have to easily make vegan meals in your daily life.

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The following ingredients I added to this delicious meal:

– Lentils
– Spinach
– Carrot
– Tomato
– Zucchini
– Mushrooms

How to prepare the vegan meal?

It can’t almost be more simple than this one. However, it depends on how you prepare your lentils. You can get them prepared or you can prepare them yourself. It would be a little more work. On this page, the preparation of lentils will be explained.

The added carrot I made in julienne pieces and the rest of the vegetables and mushrooms were equally cut. You can add them all together in the pan and bake them with raw coconut oil.

lentils and spinach a powerful combination

Bake it for more or less 10 minutes and it is ready to go! It is your choice which ingredients to add, but the more fresh products you use the better!

Why eating vegan?

In this blog I am not telling anyone to eat vegan every day. But I will tell you some of the advantages that I explored and that are generally known:

1. You eat much more vegetables than you would usually do

2. There are more proteins in vegetables than meat (meat contains proteins because the animals eat plants)

3. You will feel lighter in your body and meditation will be easier

4. Eating no meat or less meat will help the environment (especially reducing beef)

5. Your skin will start shining! Healthiness is shining out from within.
6. The fats you eat reduce especially when also decreasing the amount of dairy products and eggs.

7. Your energy levels will increase (especially good for the empaths among us!)

8. Think about the beautiful animal souls you saved that day! When we eat less meat less slaughter is needed.

You don’t have to be vegan every day, but you can start reducing the amount of certain products! See the results in your life like I did!

Get inspired by more vegan dishes.

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