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How to successfully meditate?

Meditating seems so easy, but when we try it is like we can’t even sit still for a moment. All these thoughts are mingling around our minds. We have to go shopping, we have to take care of the kids, we have homework or any other thought. Why can’t our mind stop talking?

Ego vs. heart

The mind is related to the ego and will keep talking to distract you from silence. Isn’t it very strange that you are contradicting yourself? Your ego talks and your body wants to be quiet. In a way we can all train ourselves to look beyond all the chatting of our minds.

In this Youtube video I explain that you can start training your body, mind and soul for meditation by starting with only 5 minutes every day. For example you can wake up in the morning and take 5 minutes of your time to sit still in silence.

If you prefer some meditation music or a guided meditation that is all fine! Wouldn’t it be nice to give your brain a little moment of quietness. All day long we have incenses of all that happens around us. Our body and mind is only quiet when we sleep and sometimes not even then.

Law of Attraction

When you take these moments for yourself, you care for you and that is the way to go to self-love. Loving yourself attracts you far more than you think! A positive attitude brings you even more luck.

What you send into the world you receive back (remember karma?), yes everyone, it works the other way around as well. So start meditation, start smiling at the people around you. In other words they say, the law of attraction.

Patience is a virtue they say and it is true. With meditation you obtain a greater understanding and perspective of the world and you will become more and more patient with yourself and people.

You notice that you do not have to punish yourself or that you do not deserve things. When you give time to yourself and receive the loving energy of the universe, you know there is more, you know that love exists and good things start coming your way. If you would like to emphasize your meditation you can also say a prayer on the end of your meditation, sending love from your heart into the world! (very powerful and it works).

Sometimes we need to see things in order to believe, but maybe instead of seeing things, we can feel them and nurture them and give them support.

Good luck with your first practice, you can do it, I believe in you! Go into the reality of meditation.

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