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How to overcome depression with Dharma? – Kitty Waters

Overview of the interview with Kitty Waters

Who is Kitty Waters?

Kitty Waters is a very inspirational & motivational speaker, a coach, mentor, Reiki Master and NLP Practitioner. She runs her own podcasts in which she interviews people with outstanding and inspiring stories.

Her podcast she runs on Kitty Talks and I suggest you to take a look at it and be to live a happier and healthier life. Furthermore, Kitty is the chair of My Sisters’ house, a center for women of all kinds. This center is a place when women can live up to their true potential.

How did you end up on such an inspiring path?

Unfortunately, it came from many breakdowns. My life was not how I wanted it to look. In my twenties I woke up and I thought, o dear, I didn’t know life was supposed to be this hard and I really do not like how my life looks.

I had a drug and alcohol addiction, a chronic depression and I suffered from a nervous breakdown when I was 22. It took me till 28 to actually do something about it and turn my life around.

“A huge wake-up call, My mother tried to commit suicide”

I had an issue with my mom committing suicide at that same age of 28, this was a huge wake-up call. My father called me that my mother was missing, she had been ill with depression for a couple of months previously. I called my boyfriend who was a paramedic to try and find my mom, off course, the last thing he wanted to do is something related to his job.

How to overcome depression with Dharma? - Kitty Waters

My sister I picked up on the way to my mother’s house. The police asked at the time if my mother ever have tried to commit suicide before, and to my surprise my dad answered: “many times before.” Apparently, in my family there has been a huge history of females that suffer from depression, and my mother was one of them.

We went to look for my mom, and I am very pleased that we have found her and she survived. The most amazing thing was that I was lead to my mother, I had a voice in my head that showed us where to go and where to find her. It was a massive spiritual awakening for me, as I thought how could it happen that I have been guided exactly where my mother was.

After that I started my personal and spiritual development. This is where it has lead me today.

Your mother was almost like a reflection for you?

Yes, what I did not realize is that I was suffering from a depression myself for about 10 years, I just could not put a name on my feelings.

Knowing the history of depression in my family I was motivated to break the cycle and start a road of self-development. A lot of it is a learned behavior of what we picked up from our parents. I started following many workshops Tony Robbins and whatever you can name, I was a real self-awareness workshop junky.

It had the desired effect because it helped me cure my own depression. A lot of my problems were self-inflicted, as I was mostly focusing on what did not feel right and my thoughts were very negative. It has been a real lesson and now I believe that we can find meaning in our greatest pain. As right now I am teaching other people how to overcome their pain through the same/ similar process that I have been through. It is a real blessing.

How long did the path of self/ spiritual-development take you?

It was a slow transition, because at the age of 28 I was in a very toxic work environment. A work hard play hard environment with a lot of alcohol and drugs.

I had to slowly but surely break the circle of my peer group around me. What happens is that I am a fire sign and I love being around people. I had good intentions of not going out during the week, but what happened next is that I would be lonely in the weekend.

How to overcome depression - Kitty Talks

People need to be surrounded by other people. Then I understood that who you surround yourself with you become, so I started changing my circle in a more positive one. I started to hangout with people who are entrepreneurs and did not drink so much.

But overall I would say the transition took from when I was 28 years old till about 34/ 35 years old. Then I reconnected back to my heart and my emotions.  I did not feel like somebody that would cry, because it would seem week. In the UK we are quite uptight, and I was holding on my feelings and stored them in my body, until I just broke.

Advice for anyone suffering from depression

For anyone listening/ reading this, my advice would really be, look how you process your emotions because quite often when we are depressed and we are stuck in the past. Also if you are suffering from anxiety or anxiety attacks, it means you are in the future and not in the present.

If you are having episodes of depression, try to look at your emotions and negativity and observe how you release them and are you good at it?  At the time of my depression, instead of working out I would go drinking and there was no escape or release from my body.

You have to find a way to release your emotions, so it can’t stick in the mind. What you can do is meditating, writing and keeping up a journal, crying or excising. Just find a way for your body to let go of the tension.

You have your own course do your Dharma? What means Dharma?

Once I kind of have gone through my period of personal development and transformation, I studied the concept op Dharma from a gentleman called Chris Attwood. He has studied the Vedic text for over 10 years.

An easy explanation for the Vedic text is that it is an Indian bible that has been over 100.000 of years old. In these Vedic text it is explained that everyone is born with a gift that could be brought into the world.

“Everyone is born with a gift, according to the ancient Vedic texts”

Therefore, I started Kitty Talks, in order to interview the people who are thought leaders and changing the world with their work.

What I have discovered is that these people more or less follow their own intuition and not following what others tell them to do or stuck. They are following and creating their own thing and they do the things that they are passionate about and what comes naturally to them.

How to overcome depression with Dharma? - Kitty Waters

The concept of Dharma is the path of right action and the individual and the benefit of the planet. After doing over 100 interviews, I could definitely see a parallels of what I have studied and the people achieving their success and the benefit they bring to the planet.

Quite naturally from this came this find and follow your purpose course flowed out of me. When you align with Dharma, the universal force, you live longer and you feel happier, what is not to like. My depression happened therefore, because I wasn’t aligned with my Dharma and the universal force.

How can you listen to your intuition?

People nowadays, should learn how to follow their intuition so they become in alignment with their Dharma. At this time in the western world that is not very common to work with your intuition, but it should not be ignored. In the Do Your Dharma Course we discuss this in more detail. What I can say is that I truly believe that the intuition is the soul talking to us. However, we need to train the intuition, just like going to the gym. You will not get fit from going there twice.

You have to learn how to trust and how to create space. In the modern world we are always so busy, there is no quiet time for us to connect to who we are and that is where I find that connection can get through you. This can happen when you take a shower or walk your dog. One of the answers I suggest is therefore to create space and let the intuition in.

Where can people sign up for the Do Your Dharma Course?

We got a huge community that is predominantly focused on women. There are weekly Zoom Meetings with me and the community and everyone can work at their own pace. There are worksheets and videos and once a week you can come online on Zoom and we discuss diverse topics.

We want to show people that they can create their own dream life. This sounds all very unreal, but when you connect to your Dharma and start creating thoughts of bliss, gratitude and happiness things around you start aligning and bring you good things in life. We are launching the course again 29th of October.

You can sign up for the course here at Kitty Talks Do Your Dharma.

Following your path is not for the faint-hearted

Talking about following your path, many people think that all will be revealed at once, however, this is not the case. It is about listening to your guidance and taking action on that guidance. When you are on the path of this, things will be revealed one by one to you. Follow the breath crumbs even though it is not the traditional path. Some get a bit fearful because it has not been done before, it is not for the faint-hearted, but it is incredibly rewarding.

When you do not listen to your intuition often it does not work out as you hope it would be. The universe will re-correct you and put you on a better path. If you listen to this and you have an idea, you have to take the first step of action.

The rest will unfold when you step into the action, otherwise you won’t find the next breadcrumb. Everyone has a path, this is not unique for just some people. If you had ideas when you were younger, and they were taken out of you with your upbringing, do not leave the thoughts because others say so.

“When the planet is unbalanced, the universe will bring new soul that will fill up the gap.”

Therefore, people should be awakened to their higher purpose, which will help heal the planet. If everyone does what they are supposed to do, many things on the planet can be solved.

For who is the Do Your Dharma course?

This course is for anyone who feels the calling to sign-up, but also for the ones that have a feeling that there is more to life than this. It is for people who are stuck and who do not know how to get out of the situation.

We show people how to live a new life by a different mindset and also we help people uncover their talents and gifts. All different types of people and ages sign up, predominantly women, however, men are more than welcome to join.

It is open for everybody and anyone is welcome to sign up. It is also seen as a community as this is more effective. People have more chance of succeeding while going to the gym together instead of alone.

Could you provide the viewers with 2 tips on how to get unstuck?

1. Surround yourself with the right people and be inspired.

2. Usually we are stuck in a story, and what we are potentially doing is focusing on the things that are not working. If you focus on the negative that is what you attract. Therefore, I would recommend everyone to do a gratitude practice. When you feel happy while naming these gratitude, you shift your energies in the moment.

I hope this interview was helpful, it certainly was for me. Kitty is such an inspiring person and I think we can learn a great deal from her. If you liked this article, share it on Facebook or Subscribe to my channel. I am so grateful for you all watching and changing your lives for the better.

One step at the time!

Much love,

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