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The Cycle of Developments

One step after another 

I am climbing up the ladder 
Thinking about the procedures of life 
Is there a guide of developments? 
Where will my next destination be?

Wondering in the clouds of innovation 
The cycle of the ongoing 
The places I call home 
Life has its tricks 
When will it fool me again? 

I step into the beauty of enlightenment
It is hard to sustain 
Characters of the dark circus present itself 
What is the right choice? 
I reconsider my thoughts 
Walking the path of shame 
Back to the start of frustrations 
Not knowing that on my way 
I started writing my own guide of developments 

Next time I know my cause 
Improving my choices of delight 
Taking the waves of a fun ride 
Watching the developments from a distance 
Letting it all in as a waterfall drops 
No longer I am bothered 
The cycle is never ending 
It is the perspective of sight 
Different shades to discover 
Trust is all I have 
Trust is what I will be 

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