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Poem: The ocean of life

Movement of the sea
No landscape in sight
Greater than us all
The unknown is so bright

Light as a feather
We are following the waves
Carrying us to our destiny
Longing for fulfillment and purpose

The current is strong
Resilient but yet resistant
How do I escape the reality of curves?
When does the struggle end?
Find the beauty of the waves
Tag along the stream of water
Wondering where it takes you

Insecurity overrules
What if I can’t swim?
Deep down we know we have all the tools
Testing our faith
Bow to the gods and goddesses of the sea
Trusting all will be resolved
Knowing that the sunrise is coming
Destroying the foggy clouds

Suddenly all is clear
The light reaches my eyes
I am clean of all the vague memories
Nothing can stop me from following the waves
Because I simply know
The ocean will guide me
I let go

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