How to open my chakras and what do they mean?

Lately I am getting the same questions…. how do I open my chakras and what do they mean?
In this blog I am dedicating to how to open the chakras and the meaning of the chakras. Why they are functioning the way they do and the feeling of it.

Why most people have blocked chakras

A lot of books are written about it, there are Youtube videos and healers who are talking about the chakras. Most people just believe it from the knowing of it and some do not believe it at all. To be honest, I do not blame them, it is hard to believe something you haven’t experienced yet. However, for the curious ones, the ones that are ready for self-development I will dedicate this article to.

As science has discovered and some of us know everything is energies. If you speak positive it means you generate positive energies out in the world. If you are negative you generate negative energies and therefore attract all the negative as everything works in exchanges. If you smile at a person they smile back, if you are angry most likely people react the same back to you. Nowadays, we still live in a world that is existing in the 3rd dimension. This is one of the lower dimensions in which the negativity and extreme polarities are visible. There is a lot of suffering and little love for each other.

How to open my chakras and what do they mean?

This is because the majority of the planet is still in the old vibrations of negativity. Nevertheless, at this point things are changing. Because of this dense and heavy energies, the chakras are most likely to stay blocked unless you can find the key to open them. The heaviness of your emotions keeps them closed.

How to open your chakras wisely?

As a healer I sometimes obtain the question if I can open someone’s chakra. I personally feel like the emotions of people are like the layers of an onion, you should remove skin by skin. During our past lives, our youth trauma’s and the global trauma’s we are carrying a lot of emotional baggage. Depending on what kind of emotional baggage, it is placed somewhere in your body.

Just an overview to explain some of the chakras, if you know skip to the next chapter:

1. Root chakra – color Red:

All the primitive and basic needs as sleep, financial stability, sex, home, family. If you have lower back problems, look into the basics of your life. Are you happy with it? Start being grateful for it and heal it yourself. This chakra is more masculine and is situated near the genitals and lower back/ belly.

2. Sacral chakra – color Orange:

Everything to do with our feminine side (Also with men). This is related to creativity, sexuality, relationships, emotions and balance. If you have trauma’s in this section, this will be your focus. Heal it by accepting your feminine side. Dance and be artistic to heal it!

3. Solar plexus – color Yellow: 

This has to do everything with our energy, ego, self-esteem, (inner) power and intellect. If you feel that you are lazy or non-motivated. You can give it some yellow boost! Start working out, it will help.

4. Heart chakra – color Green/ Pink: 

In order to heal the heart, which is our guiding essence. We have to look into relationships, our heart’s desires, love, compassion and feelings. Did you have a broken heart before? Let us go back to that and see things from a different perspective. The heart guides, not the brain. It is a vibrating chakra and radiates all our heart’s desires! What do you want to manifest?

5. Throat chakra – color Blue:

This chakra is related to our communication skills. How to you come across verbally? Do you speak up when you need to? Are you sharing your feelings? If you want release in this chakra and reduce your throat pains, start speaking softer, your truth and feelings and speak kind to others. Reduce the amount of gossip and increase the amount of positive speech.

6. Third eye – color Indigo: 

Your third eye stands for your visions, (day)dreams, intuition, creativity and inner wisdom. It is not wise to start opening your third eye while the others are still closed. I will talk about this later in the blog.

7. Crown Chakra – color violet: 

Can be found on the top of your head. This is providing you with life energy and is connecting you to the universe, your higher self and aligns you with who you are. Very important to have it open as it will give you the thoughts, energy and purpose that you need and want.

The next step for opening the chakras by yourself

Now you know the meaning of the chakras. This knowledge you can use to open them SLOWLY. Writing this in capital letters as opening the chakras is not a challenge that needs to be done quickly. It needs to be done with knowledge and respect for yourself. It is hard work and a true dedication. You can go to someone who has knowledge of reiki, healing modalities but it is possible to do it by yourself if you are committed to it.

How to open my chakras and what do they mean?

Each chakra and its meanings. What happened in your past that caused you pain? What are your repeating patterns? Who hurt you and why did you feel hurt? Write down all that you have been through from different perspectives. What did you learn from it? Try to go out of yourself and see how you would solve this situation. Could you really have done better? Heal bit by bit. Take off the layers.

Why detoxing helps in the process

A method that can help you in the process is to start a detox. It can be a fruit detox, juice detox or real fasting detox. See what your body is asking for and what you are ready for. Your body can tell you anything as long as we learn to listen to it.

How to open my chakras and what do they mean?

Find the peace within yourself. Walk outside, start meditating a few minutes every day and write down your feelings. When you start digging into how you feel, you will see that many things come to the surface. The time of the detox you can decide yourself, there is no right or wrong with anything. If people tell you so, then do not listen. Only you know yourself best like no one else. Sit down and do what you feel and feel what you do. It is very important in the process.

When do you feel your chakra is open?

So you have done the whole process. I am not going to lie, there is a lot of crying in the process. You will feel very emotional when you open that certain chakra. All the heavy baggage needs to come out. Lighter foods might help you in the process, but feel what is good for you.

When my chakras opened, I felt lighter, I felt warm energies twinkling on the chakra spots. It is like a warm glowing ball on your body. There are a few more chakras above us, but that is for another time!
Start focusing now on the basics and when you feel them, you will know that you have managed to open them. There is a form of lightness that you experience and nothing will be ever the same. Self-development is hard work, fun and certainly interesting. You will know that nothing is ever the same and life is full of mysteries!

Do not be afraid, it can’t damage you, just do it all slowly step by step. We are not in a train rush, we are here to learn from our past, present and future!

Hope this was useful to you and have a beautiful day once again.

Much love,

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