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How to develop your intuition through mediumship?

It has been a true honor to meet Shelly Wilson, Intuitive-Medium, Spiritual Growth Coach and author of 4 books.
In this interview we discuss how to develop your intuition en what mediumship means. Make sure you stay up to date and watch the video or read the article below.

Our passed loved ones communicate with us all the time. They usually come through in the form of animal messengers for me typically a butterfly, dragonfly or a dove. It does not always mean that this is a loved one, but it could also be that the represent them in some way. This is a way for them to let you know that they are there and they want us to find comfort when we see these animals.

Other signs you can think of are numerical sequences or a song that is played on the radio. The biggest way that they communicate with is is when we have a memory of them coming to our mind.

We may think that we have originated the thought, but many times it is them saying remember this. So literally you can just pay attention to the messages in your mind and around you, especially the ones that repeat themselves. The best way to practice is to be relaxed, in that way the messages can come through.

Should we be afraid about Mediumship and Intuition?

Typically as humans we fear what we do not understand and this is where can begin studying. We can read books, we can watch Youtube videos, but the main thing is we are always influenced by our culture, influenced by our parental upbringing and our religion.

Many of the religions tell you, you actually are talking to demons. I do not really believe that, when our loved ones or any spirit is coming through and there is a feeling of love, that means a high vibration for me. This is how you recognize you are connecting to the right beings.

Do you think knowing your future might influence your future?

First of all I feel that parts of are life are already laid out for us. I believe in reincarnation and I believe that our souls live again. When we enter our body, there are some lessons already planned for use. You can come here to learn for example on how to love, how to have compassion or patience, and how it shows up for us is to be determined.

Our life is continously changing with every choice that we make, therefore, I do not believe that a psychic can see your exact future. It is more the outline on what you are here to learn. With every choice that you make, your life is changing as well.

What can you recommend everyone to do during a pandemic like the coronavirus?

This year as described in my book “Embracing the Magic within,” represents the number 4. And this number stands for being at home, connecting to yourself and to your family. It is all about clear vision of where you want to go and who you are. Now with the environment clearing up, we can see clear again, this applies as well to people’s personal lives.

Now we can reflect back on all those projects that we wanted to do, or finish the work around the house. Further advice I can give you is to be present in the moment, as we do not know when all of this will be over. We do not know the outcome and we are so used that all around us is available to us immediately. Now we are being provided with a new way of being, but just to repeat it, the most important is to be present and to feel our emotions. We have to keep our energy grounded and our chakras centered.

What made you start writing your books?

First of all the first two books that were published are 28 days to a new you and connect to the you within. These books were meant to be courses at first. At the time I did not really like the idea of a course, so I put the whole course in a book form. So the idea I would like to give with the book is that you turn the pages and open it randomly. Then you get a message for each day. These are just tools to connect you to your higher self.

Embracing the Magic Within

Then last year I got a clear message from my spirit guides to write another book. It is a book with short stories, and it does not have chapters. These are stories of wisdom which offer you guidance as well as inspirational quotes. So you can read the book however you like.
You can order the book: “Embracing the Magic within HERE“.

Do you think people lost the magic within themselves?

We have the magic all within us. However, when people look it up in the dictionairy, it often says that it means creating spells and so on, but magic means creating our reality. We should realize that our thoughts, words and actions are creating and is an energetic omission.
By being an example for others, you create a ripple effect and helps others see the magic within themselves again.

Especially kids still see the magic in ourselves and others. They still do not have the responsibilites that we have, and we all should pause for a moment and look at life through the lens of a child so we can see wonder, excitement and joy again.

Thank you so much Shelly Wilson

There is so much to tell about the discussion that we had in the interview. However, if you would like to know more about the tips that she has been given, please have a look at the complete interview here….

It is such an honor to have spoken to you, and The Mindful Magazine hopes that you keep up the great work, and the best part of it all is that Shelly will contribute some articles for you here on The Mindful Magazine. So you will surely hear more about her and her amazing work!

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