7 steps that bring you closer to happiness

Isn’t it just a dream that we all share…. to be completely happy.

Now the big question is… how will we get there? No one has the exact answer to happiness but sure there are things that do make you happy. Beneath you will find the steps explained that we think will make a big difference in your overall happiness.

Step 1: Love yourself!

You have to live with yourself day in day out. Loving yourself for who your are from the in- and outside will make a huge difference. You are beautiful just the way you are and you do not need to change. Love and embrace yourself and if you do, you just passed step number 1.

Step 2: Show compassion

Now you love yourself, you are ready for step 2 which is showing compassion to other beings. This can be to animals and/ or other human beings.

Try to understand the situation of the other person and guaranteed you will have less anger, less irritations and less frustrations. Instead understand the other person’s situation and smile at them.

We are all from the same source, we are all here to learn. Give that person a hand or if needed, let go in peace. See that we are all human with our own problems and if you overcome this… you are one step closer to happiness.

Step 3: Take your you-time!

On to step three, the title is already saying it. Take your own time to recharge. Is this your favorite hobby or is this by just closing your eyes for a moment, take some time for yourself.

If you have busy job or a large family or you are just running around for any other reason. Sit down for a moment close your eyes and let your brain rest. Also, what recharges your energy?

Creating art, meditating, sports or driving your car. It doesn’t matter. If you have your you-time you can share your own passion with the rest of the world. Great ideas come on the surface when you spend some time alone. Even if this is just a few minutes a day.

Step 4: Nature loves you, make sure you love it back!

Nature is our home and gives us the oxygen to live. How grateful we are for dear mother nature. Make sure you spend some time in it. Go to the mountains, the forest or to the beach.

Take of your shoes and connect with the earth, the sea and hug the trees. Really it will make your happiness grow. And that is what you came here for in the first place, isn’t it?

Sit still in nature, gaze at the dazzling tree or at the twinkling sea. Or do some outside exercises and sports. Great wonders it will do!

Step 5: Give and receive (it’s not a one way stream)

Giving and receiving, this can be seen in any form. It doesn’t have to be money. Receiving is an amazing feeling. But according to several investigations, the most happiness comes from giving.

When you give, you get this exciting feeling and certainly it increases your happiness. So everyone, start looking around. Maybe you can help that old lady on the street, give that money to a charity and help the people that need a hand.

Giving and receiving also has to do with love. You can give love, but without receiving it, it is not complete. In that way, life all about giving and receiving. Good news, you are closer to the end and by end I mean a step closer to happiness.

Step 6: Write down your dreams, make them happen

Here is the choice life provides you? Do you dream your dream or do you live your dream? Which of the two makes you most happy you think? YES… Live your dream.

Start with writing down what you would really like to manifest/ achieve in your life. Then write down how you would be able to achieve it. Wish it from the bottom of your heart, so you also attract your dreams into your life by the law of attraction.

You can also fold the dream to reopen it later and remind yourself of your true passions and wishes. We are ready for true happiness! Repeat it after me because we are on to the last step of the tips to become happy!

Step 7: Healthy food & sports make you shine

The tips that were given before were very much about inner happiness, which is very important. 7 steps that bring you closer to happinessBut inner happiness can’t survive without having a healthy body to live in.

Eat healthy food so your skin will glow and your inner organs are properly fed. It gives you strength and energy and in combination with sport it is a real winner! Organic food will have the best results and everything with TOO is not good.

Especially alcoholic drinks, smoking, cafeïne and animal proteïnes. Eat everything in the perfect balance. Now… you are ready to work for your happy future. Or maybe for some it is just a reminder how happy they already are.

GO FOR IT and color your life full of happiness. Not only you will benefit, but also the people around you will.

Have a blissful day beautiful soul!

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