How to love yourself and to allow love into your life?

The Concept of Love

Love is the greatest force of all. Love is what drives people and is what people live for. Without love our life means little for us.

Love can come in many forms. You can love your dog, your friends, your family or just simply nature. Relationship can be formed of love, this is the most powerful one. It can also be formed out of need. Be aware of the difference. The concept of love is positive, it comes from our soul level.

How to love yourself and to allow love into your life?

Positivity in lives brings love and the other way around. Sometimes, it takes losing someone to see how much you love someone. Considering this, wouldn’t you like to know when that person is still here. Shouldn’t we become more aware of who we really love and appreciate them today, right now. It is time we see what love means, what it feels like and how to deal with it. I hope I can clarify this for you in this blog. I certainly write it for you out of love, I hope you can feel that.

A relationship out of love vs. a relationship out of need

A relationship out of love, is a relationship that is formed on a soul level. You love someone so deeply, that you let the person be… just be as they are. You accept the person completely for who they are. Changing the person is not a wish. You formed your relationship naturally and love each other so deeply, that you want the other person to be happy no matter what. When they are happy you are happy.

How to love yourself and to allow love into your life?

Why in this time, often this is not the case. Many times, relationships are formed out of control. You want to control or change the person you want them to be. But if you think about it, if you want to change the person, what most likely doesn’t happen, are you really a match?

If you can’t be alone, is that because you do not want to face yourself? Is it that you are afraid alone? Because, if you are not able to love yourself. How can you share your love? If you do not possess love, how can you give. Only a person who has love can give. Why in this time we are looking for something outside of ourselves for fulfillment? We always want to distract ourselves from really seeing who we are.

Running away from ourselves, how to solve this?

I am talking to you my dear reader, are you running away from yourself? People are so afraid to see who they really are. I think it is actually wonderful to get to know yourself. Don’t you want to sit on your couch and feel completely fulfilled with the person you are. You do not need to act a different way or present yourself distinctive from who you really are. It is a relief.

How to love yourself and to allow love into your life?

It is a relief that you have a person accepting you for who you truly are. Because, no matter what happens that person knows you. Knows your flaws, knows your deficits. You do not have to be afraid they leave you. Because I repeat again: ” they KNOW you.” Relationships, friendships and/or family. This accounts for all of it. Besides family, you decide who you attract into your life.

Energies that are send into the world come back to you. If you send out energies as who you are, you receive people at the same frequency. Please understand this, you can hide from yourself. But true happiness, comes only when you know who you are. My question to you? Do you really love yourself?

How to love yourself?

Everywhere on the internet, books and movies, we hear that we need to love ourselves. Questions arise around this question. How do I bloody love myself? I look in the mirror and all I see is someone I do not like. Well, my friend. It is time for some self-reflection. What is it that you do not like about yourself? From the inside and outside. It is time that you SEE yourself for who you truly are. What are you hiding? What is your heart telling you? Now is the moment for the heart to speak instead of your mind.

How to love yourself and to allow love into your life?

Did you ever ask another person what they think of you? Have you ever considered how other people react to you? Everything in this world is energies. That is no hocus pocus or flying subjects. This is physics, this is how the world works, this is key to all that is. If we get this, we know how everything works. Will you still suffer? Yes, my dear you will. However, you know how to handle things. You know what you project into the world you get back. If you know this, you can get out of situations in a short period.

So, by accepting yourself for who you truly are, by loving yourself for who you are, by embracing your looks and inner self, you have the key for self love. Self love = acceptance. There is no escaping, be honest with yourself.

Steps to love yourself

Loving yourself is hard, many say. Let’s change perceptions for once. If we see everything as difficult, it will be just as you say. If we say it is easy, it is. Let’s make things more easy for ourselves.

1. Give yourself some compliments

You deserve some compliments, it is time you give it to yourself. Do not fool me, we are all having conversations with ourselves. Why not change it in positive ones. I can do this, I am great, I am wonderful, I am! Boom, there you go.

2. Face your true self

It is time to face your true self. Accept who your heart knows you are. If you accept yourself, you send the energies of acceptance to others, and in return they accept you too. Be honest and do not run away, it will not work long-term to create a wall.

3. Be self-confident & in peace with yourself

If you are confident of who you are, others will be too. Again it is all about energies. I do not mean being arrogant, or feeling better than others. This does not bring positive energies back to you. I mean to be in peace with who you are. You can sit still with yourself for hours, and be completely fine with it. Because you know what you want, and if you don’t you accept that equally. Can you feel what I mean here? I am writing this out of love too. Because I want you to grow, like I want to grow.

4. Project what you want for yourself to others

I want to be loved, I want to be supported, I want people to accept me for who I am. People are you and you are them. If you see that we are all ONE, you can see that, then you have the power in hands. Your lessons is what you do not like about yourself. The people who bring lessons are not always the nicest, but they lack of love and acceptance. Love them equally, love them like you love yourself.

5. Let go of what is no longer needed

Let go, when you need to and send them love. That is having strength. Do not try to change things into your hands, if something is finished, you have shared your lessons and you are both ready to move on. Send love and let go. This is not being a bad person, this is strength. You need to know what is good for you.

Be strong, be clear, choose you. Because you love yourself. Sometimes letting go is helping both of you. No matter how hard that sounds. People might learn and come back and they will thank you for it. Some things we can’t control, we can’t change, people can only do it themselves.

6. Allow love to happen

If you do not allow love to happen into your life, it won’t. It is not about I deserve it, but it does not happen. If you allow love to enter into your life, it will happen. It can take a year or 2 but it will. Just on the right time, the time you are ready for it. If you keep blaming others, for being alone, it might as well never happen. Sit still, meditate and allow things to come into your life. You deserve the world, you deserve everything you want, just like everyone else. We are all one and therefore, no one is better or worse than you. Remember that fellow human.

Conclusion of love

You are worthy, you are beautiful/ handsome, you are here for a reason like anyone else. Love is out there for everyone, it is not a committed relationship that creates love, it is not saying it out loud. It is a feeling of peace, joy and happiness. It is a feeling from within and can be found in all living creatures. And with that I close this blog, that I wrote from me to you. From the core of my heart, as I am happy to live among you all, as one.

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