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5 advantages of being vegan

Becoming vegan is a trend of nowadays, but do we actually know the reasons why?

I do not want to force people to become a vegan, it is a choice made by oneself. But, for the ones that are curious or doubting, some advantages will be explained. The reason, I stopped eating meat and fish, was when I had my spiritual awakening, when I became aware of how much meat I was actually eating and that I did not like it that much anyways. I tried to get out the meat from the rice dish or just eat it, because it was part of it, why not stop I thought at that moment.

However, I will not hold you any longer…..

The 5 advantages of being vegan:

These advantages are based on my own experiences. Both periods of being vegetarian and vegan I have experienced.

1. You stay slim and energized

Well this would be a great start-off for a diet in 2018. Being vegan, keeps you slim and energized. You eat much more fruits and vegetables which you digest a lot faster and it will give you more energy, as meat can be quite heavy on the stomach.

A vegan diet has less fats and therefore, vegan people tend to be more slim. Myself I noticed, I could eat a lot more when on a vegan diet and stay on the same weight or even less. Feeling lighter in your body is one of the feelings that got to me.

2. Helping animals

When being vegan you help the animals. The traditional way of killing animals faded away and now it is transitioned in mass killings. These animals have to suffer for days and even from the day they were born. They do have feelings and they do know they will be killed.

It is like a concentration camp for animals. I am not against meat-eaters at all, but rather do it the traditional way, in which they at least had a great life. These tortures are so cruel, and as intelligent species we should know better.

5 advantages of being vegan

Full of antibiotics and medicines to make the animals grow fast, is something we eat. Also the fish we consume is full of dirt from the ocean in which we throw plastic and garbage.

3. Looking younger

Forget expensive creams and masks, being vegan will make you look younger. Your skin is glowing and you will look more youthful than ever.
However, make sure that you eat the healthy vegan diet and you eat enough proteins and nutrition, in order to keep up the good health. Being vegan means, being more creative with what you eat.

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4. Pollution

Massive production of meat and animal slaughter, is producing gasses that end up in the ozone layer. Naturally we are not meant to produce in such crazy amounts. The amount of meat we eat is so excessive, that there need to be billions of animals to be born, just for consumption.

If we only reduce the amount, we take care of our planet already. Being vegan is a choice, but reducing the amounts is already a care you show for our planet, that we wish to maintain for quite some time. We want our children to live in a healthy environment and let’s not be our own destroying factor. I think it is time we wake up and see what is happening around us.

As nature is naturally reacting to each other, we are just crushing all of that for our own needs. We should share this planet equally, as everyone has the right to be here, animals and plants too.

5. More creative in the kitchen

Being vegan makes you a better chef, you have to find different alternatives for meals, which is quite fun! There are several websites and books, that show you creative options for being vegan. Start today and change your life! Or check out my own healthy recommended breakfasts.

How to start being vegan?

This is a right asked question, changing your diet strictly in one go is usually too much. It is like eating a diet in which you can’t eat and you keep thinking about food. In stead, build it down slowly, you will notice that your body will get used to your changes slowly.

5 advantages of being vegan

In my case I quit meat, then fish and then build it down slowly. As a vegetarian, you are helping already a great deal or just diminish your meat consumption. There is no judgment, no right or wrong. Just facts and humanity.

Let’s reduce the meat and fish consumption and care for our planet. It is like we are not aware what we are doing to it. Eat consciously, and choose your products wisely. Drink oat milk or soy milk instead of normal milk and if you can’t get rid of the eggs, try buying eggs from a free range farm. All bits are helping!

Be more aware, start today, change now and care for lives and our planet.

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