How to be creative? Why don’t my ideas flow?

Creativity comes in many forms. All of us have some sort of creativity in whatever we need it for. An accountant doesn’t seem to be creative.

But how can you make number schedules, if you do not have the insight and creativity of an overview. If we think about it, some things that we think are more logic, are very much based on the creative side of you.

Where do I start with creativity?

In order to start finding your creative self, you need to understand what goes wrong. Why aren’t the ideas coming to you or why can’t you write anything on paper?

I have been told all my life that I am creative, but I was the only person not seeing it. How come? A lot of things have to do with you blocking yourself from your thoughts, ideas and the flow of it.

How to be creative? Why don't my ideas flow?

One thing that is happening when our thoughts and creativity is blocked is when we try too hard. In our stressful lives, we are used to run all the time and most of the time we are too afraid of making a deadline, finishing up something or being on time. But the trick is, what if I let go of all this?

What if I already know that I will make it and I can do it. With this change of thoughts you will start flowing your energy. It has to do a lot with training yourself to be calm in stressful situations. When you are calm, you create a space for ideas to flow.

How can I develop my creativity?

You have found a way to become calm, like meditation or walking in nature. Besides, this you can start acting as an artist. Get your drawing things, or buy some and start to draw, paint or express yourself. You can also do it by writing down your thoughts or (fantasy) stories.

Because creating the flow of creativity has a lot to do with your crown chakra. Your crown chakra brings in the ideas in your mind that you need for you to continue. For images (that is usually for painters),  they usually come from the third eye and the crown chakra.

How to be creative? Why don't my ideas flow?

All the ideas that we have are in source, connected with your higher self. Once you have connected to your higher self, you will see that ideas will start flowing much more easily than they have before.

You might think that this flow of ideas, have to do something with your intuition, but that is a different state of being. However, intuition comes in when you are in a calm state as well, so in a way it work simultaneously.

More exercises to train open up the flow

Some of these exercises might help you. I want you to go outside near to some trees or if the weather is not in a state where you can sit outside, I would like you to grab a pen and paper. You write down all the words that are coming up in your mind.

Another thing you can do is answer a simple question about yourself or a business. Provide these questions with 2 full pages. Write as many as you can about the subject. When you write down your thoughts, more are able to enter and you might find the ultimate solution or idea!

down developments, innovations, brilliants skills you have or anything that comes to your mind. This is the start of how you become aware of yourself and of your surroundings.

When you see that all the ideas that are supposed to be with you, are with you already. You just need to find a way to grab these ideas. Get into the clouds for a moment and take the ideas that are yours to begin with.

When you are closer to your higher purpose your ideas will increase

Have you ever had skills, that just came to you like a present. Like you didn’t have to do any effort. For example, creating an event for many people is very easy for you.

Hello, wake up! You are coming closer to your higher purpose on this planet. When certain skills or situations, seem to come easily to you, that means that you are becoming closer to who you really are. See it as a sign and do something with it.

How to be creative? Why don't my ideas flow?

If more than one person starts complimenting your work and your ideas, that is a wake up call for you to see where your talents lie. People that say, they do not have a talent, just have not found theirs yet. They might be all over in their heads and miss the signs that point them to their talent. Some people have obvious talents, like singers or pilots or doctors.

But yours can be just as obvious when you are open to receive any ideas. Being a great mother, is also a talent. Making furniture, is a great talent. Each and everyone of us got talents and no one is left out. No one of us is better or knows more.

People who are often successful are the ones that found their true purpose. They started listening to their unique selves, instead of the people around them. They took off their masks and started living the way they wanted.

So, are you creative?

Yes, everyone is creative. No one is left out. We are have a different type of creativity. Start just painting, making things with the hands, writing or drawing. Not because that is your talent, but because it will lead you to your true creativity. And it will be easier for you to have access to your own source, your own library that is out there.

Think innovative, think different, think your unique self and you will see that things will flow to you more easily within the spectrum that you are living in.

I wish you great luck in your life journey once and for all and much love from the heart.

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