Why we have the need to find answers

Once again, welcome to my blog post. I am delighted to see you back here. Today I want to write about the fact that we are always looking for answers. It is like our mind does not calm down when we do not know exactly what is happening. If we do not want to find answers, we often stay in a phase of denial. Why is this?

Safe haven

Most of us want to stay in a safe haven. We are settling down for situations that seem “oke” to us, because for many real happiness doesn’t exist or seems unreal. However, if we do not accept the safe haven, where else do we go?

The future seems so scary and unknown to us. If we have a future that can’t be predicted, we rather stay with what we have. In some cases that is the perfect way to go through life, because always wanting more is not the way to go.

But in some cases, you know it is time to move on from one to another phase. If we ignore these feelings of times that are over, we might miss out on amazing opportunities coming our way.

Staying in the safe haven, or “comfort zone“, does not always bring us the ultimate purpose we are looking for. Therefore, it is time humanity is going back to its feelings. Men or women, we both have a feminine and a masculine side. It is oke for men to have feelings. You always have to stay strong, because society tells you so. In a way, society is not the norm, it is the created norm by a group of people. What do they know about you?

The phases of denial, restlessness and the uncovering

These are the phases of finding answers for yourself and overcoming obstacles in life. How do you change your perspective and how do you change? Tips and tools that anyone can do will be provided!

Phase 1: Denial

As I mentioned before, most are going into three phases in life. The first phase is that we are in denial. We are unhappy in a phase that we are in, but we ignore it so we do not have to feel what we actually really know.

Phase 2: Understanding the situation

The second phase is that we understand that we are in denial and we have to face what is going on in our lives. Facing your problems is one of the hardest things one can do. Sometimes we are on the good side and sometimes we are not. We have to really see the reality of things. These realizations usually occur when we are out of our situation.

Going on a holiday or talking to someone outside of the situation is of great help! That is why many of us consider going to an intuitive. Either way, we can’t ignore our problems forever, it could be a cause of creating diseases. What is so hard about facing yourself?

For most of us it is one of the most difficult things to do. However, would it not be a great relief? Start thinking about it! Honesty is worth more than gold. It shows your true nature.

Phase 3: Great Relief

The third phase is on its way now. You are starting to realize you are happy about the fact that you have discovered the answers to your situation. From now on you can actually make changes. I always encourage people to change themselves in the situation. Expecting to change the people around you would be a great hassle.

You are the one that can shift and develop in this situation. However, do not let anyone stop you from talking to the people that surround you and show them how you feel. By not expressing your feelings, others can’t always pick up on it! So start today with honesty and vulnerability! It will definitely make people understand your story.

Phase 4: What to do next?

I have made my decisions and changed the situation including myself accordingly. What now? There is so much more space to fill up my time? The future is unknown now. Something has shifted in my life and I do not know how to handle it? These are often feelings that come up.

Why we have the need to find answers
We are trying to read articles, watch similar cases and trying to find answers. If we do not find the answers, how can we possible move on? Questions, questions and more questions. We are trying to grasp in the air, but questions simply do not arrive to us. The big question is? How do we get answers to move on?

Phase 5: Tips on how to move on and obtain your answers

Well, what we can do is relax first, then we take a breath and relax again. The answers won’t fall from the sky, articles and other tips will certainly help you, but are not answers to YOU. Yes, YOU. If you just let go for a moment and not wanting to know every single step, you will get some answers from the universe.

Ask for a sign and just let go. You will see that all the answers will fall right into your lap. Listen to your own intuition, your body can tell you a lot already. Notice how you feel after you have asked an answer to yourself. Do you feel tensed or relaxed? You know deep down what is the right thing to do. It is the mind that tells you otherwise, which tries to bring you off track.

You are right on track, it is all meant!

In a way, everything is meant to be, so you are always on track. There are several possibilities that can happen in the future, however, nothing is wrong. If we make a mistake, we learn from it. If we do right, lucky us!

We get it right eventually and we all have lessons, so you are not in it alone. No one is perfect, because we are all here on earth being human. We are here to learn and make mistakes, see it as an exciting project! If the future is unknown, it means you can still create how you want it to be. You can form it the way you want to.

Why we have the need to find answers

The trick is to let go and to let life happen. If you let life happen, you create space and only in the form of space, something new can enter! Yes, o yes. So, fellow humans,

I feel your pain. I have been there many times. I am a true Virgo, who loves to have answers about answers. Letting go is very difficult for me. But, I had to learn that too. If we do not let go, nothing new can happen! And that is what we want to badly, something new! Something fantastic.

And trust me, you deserve it. Because you are wonderful! Remember that! Do not question it…. I know it, the people surrounding you know it and certainly the universe knows it. You are a miracle on its own. You are here, that means you are welcome like everyone!

We are all special, all unique, all connected.

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