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Poem: “I am a story”

I am a story 
It is written in the stars 
A magic book couldn’t hold it
As different shades appear 
Polished and rare
I am my own creation

Understanding the yin and yang
Spreading the awareness of light
Different shades appear
Sides that have not been discovered before
Life is an adventure indeed
I am a story 

Reality of realities 
Distinctive color glasses 
I am projecting reality into substance
Conscious breathing of surrounded air
I am meant to ascend
Higher up the ladder of existence
Where it will take me?  I do not know 
The unknown I fear and embrace
Accepting all that I face 

Growing it into a better story
Passing it on
Leaving the darker shades behind 
Chapters have passed 
Moments fade, but memories are kept

I am a story 
The story no one is aware of
Books can’t explain how it will end
Deep down we know 
It is never ending, but yet always ending
Be ready for a new chapter 
As you comprehend 
That right now it is time, 
To create your own story 

3 thoughts on “Poem: “I am a story”

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