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Quote: “Think innovative, think different”

Think innovative, think different, think your unique self. Do not try to imitate others or be someone that you are not. Innovation comes from being unique, being different and differentiating yourself from others.

Innovation and Creation

If you want your business, or anything that you are creating to be unique, you have to think from the core of your being.

Creating someone for the need of money won’t work. It might work short-term, and it will provide you with the money you wish for, but if you do something from the core of your heart. It will be lasting and it provides you with the joy that you have been looking for.

Be who you are, act as you are and people will naturally follow you. You can only be a leader if you are truly passionate about what you do. Only can people learn from you if you are a true expert and you are willing to do anything to make your passion known.

So many words in one quote

A quote can tell so many words. It can mean so many different things to distinctive people. I could have thought that by making quotes I am one of many. But it is something that my soul wants to express. I decided to write down my thoughts, feelings and experiences. Not with the aim of becoming succesful, but with the aim of expressing myself and helping others in the process.

I have had my own obstacles in life and by embracing your struggles and understanding where they come from you can teach others. If you manage to be vulnerable, it is your true strength. Therefore, do not be afraid to be different.

All the famous people in the world, didn’t become that way by being plain or ordinary. Most people inspired others by being completely themselves. By showing the world their talents.

They simply discovered what they are good at and were discovered by it. If you are rewarded for who you are, you never have to put on a mask. It will be much easier for you to hold up your true personality.  No pretending, just simply you and your talents.

Stay balanced and silent the mind

Walk in nature, meditate and take your time. Brilliant ideas do not come overnight and certainly not when you are having stress about it. If your mind is already full with thoughts, it means that you do not have space to allow new thoughts to come in.

Ideas can’t flow into a full mind. They can only flow in a mind that creates space for new ideas to come in. Therefore, be open-minded, stay calm and especially do not be afraid that you lack behind.

You are always on the right track, there is no right or wrong and by fear you will not achieve what you would like to achieve.

Therefore, think innovative, think different, think your unique self!

Be wonderful as always and shine like a star.

You can do it, I believe in you.

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