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The miracle of stardust

A miracle you are 
Hidden in the sound of light 
Afraid to come out of the dark
What will people think? 
Silently enchanting… endearing… so peacefully
A beauty on its own 

Repeating the cycles of the unknown
Ready to take on what is necessary
A beating heart while creating your own imprint
Not facing the truth of the hidden histories 
Putting together the pieces of life 
Drowning in a universe full of stars 
You reach as far as you can 
No longer I can see an ending

Sitting on a branch of a tree
Counting the leaves
But forgetting its roots 
Rooted way back in time 
Carrying all its facets and stories 
Moving it on to the next 
Even miles can’t form a distance
It is the inner knowing 
That you are a miracle,
you are stardust

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