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What to do with my vicious circles?

Read about vicious circles

We all know these conflicts, relationships or situations in general that keep coming back into your life. The moment where you think, really is this happening to me AGAIN. These situation we call vicious circles. They will keep repeating itself until you have discovered what you have to learn from these situations.

Try different approaches and feel from the inside what you think you have to learn from these situations. What is the same pattern that is happening and what could you have done differently. The only person in the situation you can control is yourself.

Change starts within you

If you look at yourself you will start seeing what could have been changed. Changing another person in a situation is not wise. When the pattern repeats (which starts often in an unconscious way) until the result and then it turn into a conscious pattern.

Just see yourself from a different perspective and tell that person what you would change in that situation. Is there something you are not honest about, or are you giving to much. Many possibilities are out there and see how you can get out of these patterns.

Fully getting out of them will not happen 100%, as we are imperfect and are here on earth to learn. But let’s beat the biggest vicious circles out there and change them! If you can’t seem to discover them, take your time and do a meditation. See here how to meditate.

I feel that you are totally ready for it and please take a look a the video. If you have any more questions for me do not hesitate to leave a comment below.

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  1. […] Vicious circles are lessons that keep coming back into your life. Think really well when you say “this always happens to me.” This is an absolute trigger point that tells you that this is part of your vicious circle. “I always attract unavailable people, I always get underpaid in my job,” “I am never appreciated for who I am.” When you say/ think these things often you understand that this is part of a vicious circle. […]

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