Karmic relationships, love and hate without boundaries

In this blog I am talking about karmic relationships as at some point most of us have to deal with them. It is a relationship which can be either romantic, in the family or a friendship, that goes so deep that you really like the person, but because they are pressing on a wound of yours there comes a lot of hate with it. However, there are different types of karmic relationships, I will discuss them later.

If you want to know right away the steps of how to recognize a karmic relationship, scroll all the way down for the 10 steps/ bullet points.

Where do karmic relationships come from?

Karmic relationships are usually related to one or more past lives. There is something between you and the other person that has not been worked out yet.

It could be that you did something to that person in a previous life, which right now comes back to you and the roles have been reversed. In that way your soul learns how it feels when someone is treating you this way. Life is about learning, and earth is a school, you did not think that you would come here just to relax.

There is time for it, but it is also about how you react to these karmic relationships and what you get out of them.

Everything that is out of balance within you, will be thought from others to you. However, it might also be that it is an imbalance from a previous lifetime in which you hurt many people and in order to balance these feelings within them and to teach you a lesson of what you have done, the same situation will happen reversed. Sounds just about fun right? Karma is a &*%%.

Karmic romantic relationships

Romance is something many of you want to achieve. However, for some of us the karmic relationships are in the romantic section. We constantly meet people that provide us with deep lessons. There is a difference between a soulmate partner with who you spend a lifetime that teaches you lessons bit by bit and karmic relationships.

Karmic relationships, love and hate without boundaries

Why are karmic relationships so painful? Karmic relationships hurt deeply and leave you in shock. Most of the time it is so shocking and we try to find reasons for it. By this manner you will discover what is going wrong more quickly. If not, you will have the same pattern a few times more, they are called vicious circles.

Meeting a karmic relationship means you and that person get along right away, it feels very deep. It is like you know each other and it is very intense, however, for some reason it never works out. You are so in love but fights get in the way or some of you is not ready. Focus on the reasons of the intensity and the fights, what hurts most when being with this person? Romantic relationships can come in different forms, it is basically a soulmate, with who you have not sorted things out. You know what to pay attention to!

My own karmic relationship pattern yeah!

Writing this article does not mean I did not have my own karmic relationships. I definitely have had my own portion of karma. My father has left me and my mother when I was 2,5.

After that my mother never became the same person. She has been on and off depressions and has really hard times trusting people. These fears of rejection and abandonment have not only affected my mother, but also me. In order to work on my fear of abandonment and rejection, I keep attracting men who I fall for, but do not want to settle and most of the time will leave. By the time I have met great guys, who are worth to keep.

I would push them away before they can hurt me. I am still learning and hopefully, this pattern is not repeating itself. Everything starts with awareness, whereafter you can work on it and you can get what you really want. By my own stories, I want you to see that being a psychic and healer, does not mean I have special powers.

This is our true nature and just like everyone I have my problem. The difference is that I am aware and willing to change for the good of myself and others, so I can continue to the next lesson. We are always learning and it is forever ongoing.

Karmic relationships within the family

I started with romantic relationships, because that is often where people are most curious at. However, karmic relationships in the family is often the most difficult. You can choose your friends and your lovers, but you can’t choose your family.

You are born in your family for a reason. They will guide you to whatever you need to grow to today. Do not be sad if you grew up in a family that is not to you likening, because you are not where you are today without them.

Comparing to others is almost impossible, because everyone is on their own path. Some have a nice family and others are hiding their problems. Just focus on your own situation and how you can make the best out of it. Do you have a mother or father that keeps doing the wrong things but no matter what you will forgive them?

You stay in contact because you still care. Is there nothing you can change about the situation? Are you yourself reasonable? If something is close to a love and hate relationship, which most people have with their parents though, but in the extreme form.

Karmic relationships, love and hate without boundaries

Then you are dealing with a karmic relationship. You keep meeting the person, because you feel an obligation towards that person or you want to leave but you can’t. In all respect, find a middle way in which you both can be more free from each other.

Often you are in each other’s aura or too close which keeps causing the same things. You want to fix somebody that you know deep down can’t be “fixed”. Take some distance and accept the people for the way they are. First always try to talk and if that does not work, try some distance. You do not have any obligation to take care of anyone unless you want to and it is REALLY necessary.

It is not about being selfish it is about what is healthy and what is not. I can talk about family situations forever, because there are so many cases and examples. But just start with respecting each other and some space. Support can be done from all over and it is always appreciated, however, think about balance.

Karmic relationships among your friends

This does not seem familiar, but it is truly happening. There are karmic relationships among your friends too. It is a friendship that becomes very intense and close quickly, but soon you discover it is not as it seems. It is someone that is testing you.

Me as a healer and psychic, I have a lot of people coming into my life who definitely want to be friends and usually very quick. As I am a worldly person and I want to give everyone a chance, they sneak into my life and ask me many questions related to their personal life. They think I can fix it for them, but I am only human too. I can’t live my life doing sessions when I am living my private life. There must be a difference between sessions and friends.

Friends are there for mutual support and take you truly for who you are. And when the moment is there I would offer to help them, because they would do the same for me. It is all about respect and letting each other be.

My lesson is to have boundaries, which I have not learned properly because of the karmic relationship with my mother. Who always made me feel guilty for not doing enough. I observed, learned I saw what was happening. After knowing your lessons life can be made a little easier! You can do it too.

A friend needs nothing from you, just to spend a good time with you. You can have equal interest in which you exchange!! Yes, let’s go back to the times of an exchange. I see a friendship as a relationship without the intimacy. You share many things and you rely on each other.

It can be for a whole life time. Do not rely on the people that want something from you or only call you when they need you. They have to want to hang out with you even when you have nothing to offer. That is real friendship.

Conclusion: 10 steps of recognizing a karmic relationship

1. Karmic relationships are very intense & painful

2. Karmic relationships show you that love and hate are very close

3. Karmic relationships are often only for a short while unless it is family

4. Karmic relationship leave a shock and are felt very deeply

5. Karmic relationships show you your lessons in life

6. Karmic relationship point out your wounds (mentally, energetic level)

7. A karmic relationship can make you cross boundaries on every level

8. Karmic relationships can be among family, friends and lovers (romantic relationships)

9. Karmic relationships can be related to past lives

10. Karmic relationships are trying to balance the imbalance of karma

I hope this blog post helps you once more and I wish you all a wonderful day!

8 thoughts on “Karmic relationships, love and hate without boundaries

  1. But how to you correct the imbalance? Are you just destined to meet this person over and over in future lives and go through these horrid experiences?

    1. Very good question! The imbalance will be restored when you recognize the karmic connection and the answer is to just treat them/ let them go with love.

  2. I am just so desperately seeking more information about karmic family issues. My sister and I, things are toxic and there’s always a debt owed and a million reasons i feel like there has so to this type of connection. I’ve tried all the love available in this world and she continues to misuse me and to the world look as if she’s my savior. It’s a cycle I need to break, but clearly She’s my sister i love her. Do you have books? Can you direct me towards anything? I’ve read much but nothing that has touched this deeply. Thank you!!!! Any help is good help

    1. Dear Cat,

      I am happy to hear I could be of help. I do not directly know what kind of readings I can send you for karmic ties. However, the only thing you can do it accept her for who she is, set clear boundaries and forgive her.

      It is something on a subconscious level that is playing out. Step one is to discover this bond (so well done to you already), step two is acknowledging it exists, and step three is forgiveness (understanding that she is not doing it on purpose), just keep healthy boundaries.

      It is absolutely difficult, and not as easy as I am writing it here ( I completely understand, but I believe with my heart that you can do it!)

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