Past Lives and the influences it brings along today

There are many discussions, beliefs and doubts about past lives. Are they real or not? Are we finished when we die or are we going some place else. I think in order to see live from a more positive and light prospective, it is best to see it as an ongoing rhythm. Besides that, there have been many cases in which children remember their past lives as they are still very close to source.

Who am I in this picture?

In my own experience, I have been send back to some previous lives in which everything seemed very real. It brought up some serious emotions in me. When we look in the mirror, you start wondering.

Who am I? Am I Michelle, the writer of The Mindful Magazine or am I the Native American Medicine woman, or the Ethiopian little guy that managed to grow up all on his own? Sometimes we discover, we have talents a qualities we have never seen before. They just naturally grow. Where do these come from? We have qualities that are not inherited from our family. There are so many reasons to question what is life about.

Do we need fairy tales or lessons?

Often we do not understand why life is full of challenges. Why all of these things need to happen…. we wonder. However, if everything in life would pass by so easily. Wouldn’t we be extremely bored? I am a rich millionaire among other rich millionaires who all look perfect and all live happily ever after. Again BORING.

Isn’t it in a way challenging that we get to see different aspects of life by our obstacles. If we wouldn’t meet the people or situations that hurt us, would it have brought us to where we need to be? Think about it, life over lifetime you are trying to figure out different aspects of life. We all come from the same beautiful source as therefore is said we are all one. We are reflecting each other daily.

Past Lives and the influences it brings along today

When you look at another person and there is something you do not like, it could be a reflection within you. Often people respond to how you feel. If you are happy you notice, that people start to be more happy around you. It spreads like a virus. Yeahh… that’s the kind of virus we want, not the one that spreads negativity.

Past lives, what is it all about?

Talking more in-depth about past lives. Some of us have been travelling and though countries and found ourselves so attracted to certain cultures. We want to know the language, the culture and all that is to know about that particular place. Why is our interest drawn to it. Well, there it comes…. it has to do with past lives. The culture feels familiar to you and you feel so comfortable exploring it.

In some rare cases, people remember the streets they are walking in, while they have never been there. Isn’t that a magical occurrence. There is no explanation that is not out-of-this world for this. Or are we just complicating the complexity of complexes.

Maybe it is just very normal and we see everything as complicated. Reincarnation might be a very natural and normal process, but as we love facts and we do not have enough of them, we make it as a belief. However, do you see wifi around you? I cannot see it properly, therefore the intuition, the images and the feelings we get, might not be wrong at all. We need to go back to our roots and trust the universe, the flow of nature and our whole being of existence.

How to discover your past lives?

Talking about past lives, some people have seem them and some not. How is this even possible? Well all of you heard of past life regression. You are brought under hypnoses and you are going back to one of your past lives. This could bring up some more trauma, as not all of our past lives are happy and healthy. However, it might bring clarity into your life as we carry on feelings and behaviors from past lives.

A lot of the complications and fears we have nowadays, that cannot be explained, often come from past lives. It takes much more than a therapist to heal this. A regression therapist might come in handy! But, if you are a real adventurer you are able to go there yourself. If you meditate daily with patience and perseverance you will be shown some of your past lives.

In all of these cases, you will never be shown what you shouldn’t see. Trust that all is for the greater good and whatever decision you make, it will be oke.

Soul groups and their roles

Yes, the roles of your family and friends might be reversed, which can sound a little strange. Your mother could have been your son and your son can now be your mother. If you are not ready for this truth, then do not look into it. You are sometimes reversing experiences to see things from all perspectives, which feeds the soul.

Past Lives and the influences it brings along today

When you meet people from your soul group, which can be your family, your romantic soulmate(s) or your soulmate friends you feel a feeling of knowing. You feel you have known this person forever. Also one of these soulmates as not most of them are karmic soulmates.

They are here to bring you a lesson or the other way around. Sometimes these friends or lovers are so intense, but won’t stay for a very long time into your life. You might see that you have the very same weird interests, and come on, with all the people over the entire world that are completely different. What are the odds you are meeting very similar or familiar people. It must be faith!

How to recognize what you brought along?

If you want to recognize what you have brought along, this can be good and bad things. However, the fact in life is, that is it better to know your obstacles so you can overcome them, instead of only looking at the happy things. You have to stay positive for SURE, but you also want to grow in life.

What seems to you like an odd fear you have? Are there any particular cases or things that you feel uncomfortable with? Dare to ask yourself questions and be open and honest. Are you having some sort of stress situations or is there certain for you absolutely do not like to eat. Are you biased in some way about cultures or different races. Do not be afraid to look into yourself and admit it, there is a big chance you brought it along from a past life if your current life cannot explain the way you think.

Past live exercise

Analyze what is happening and it will provide you with more much answers than you think! Write down all you can find. Furthermore, focus your meditations on past lives, and ask spirit to show you one of your lives. Take it one by one. If it does not immediately work, do not worry it will come in time. In the perfect divine time, when you are ready to see what they show you.

I am talking past lives long already about the subject, for now I leave this information up to you and if you are ready we can go a step further into the Akashic Records next time, the universal library where all information is stored.

I wish you an amazing day and good luck digging into your lives and making your soul a richer one!

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