Being spiritual; a big trend, but what does it mean?

Spirituality, is a term that is very common nowadays. We see yoga and meditation groups everywhere and it is part of many people’s daily lives. I am one of those people. However, when we are looking for spirituality, where are we exactly looking for?

Are you just doing yoga because you like the practice and it shapes you body or you do it for the reason behind. That is provides you mental balance, stability and it helps opening the chakras.

The 7 chakras, myth or truth?

All of these practices like yoga, obtaining reiki and meditations are talking about chakras. It this just an old Indian myth or are they real? This was something I wondered before I had my spiritual awakening. It seems everyone is talking about them, but have they actually felt them or do they have some facts on paper

What better to do than start seeing for yourself. When I applied for a gym with several activities, there was a yoga class as well. I thought always that yogi’s where these flying beings always talking way too positive.

Who is always this nice… nobody right?… “I thought.” But anyways, I started with the classes and I actually liked it, especially the meditation after, which made me relax a little. If you are such an energy bomb as I am, it is very hard to sit still.

The Chakras explained shortly:

Being spiritual; a big trend, but what does it mean?
1rst Chakra: Root Chakra = Red 
Stands for: Family, financial status, your roots (that’s why it is situated at the root of your body).

2nd Chakra: Sacral Chakra = Orange
This is the chakra of creativity, balance, influences from the outside, emotions, relationships, sexual desires.

3rd Chakra: Solar Plexus = Yellow 
This is the chakra of power, where beliefs are set, intellect, responsibility, self-esteem

4rd Chakra: Heart Chakra = Green (with a touch of pink I would say) 
This chakra is the chakra of healing, emotions, relationships, love, compassion, empathy

5th Chakra: Throat Chakra = Blue 
This chakra is standing for speech, speaking up, standing up for yourself, your voice in life

6th Chakra: Third Eye = Indigo 
This chakra stand for inner vision, dreams, intuition, enhances creativity, intangible intelligence

7th Chakra: Crown Chakra = Violet 
This chakra creates, balance and alignment, enhances ideas, connecting with spirit/ source 

Off course, it entails much more, but this is a quick overview for you to understand.

How to open your chakras?

I noticed, that I started feeling better when doing yoga and I decided to practice also a little at home. I was feeling better and better.

As my explanation in my video about my spiritual awakening, I had an abrupt opening, so it is very hard to say how it would go slowly. However, when my first chakra opened, I felt a warm feeling around my solar plexus. Which was the first chakra that opened.

I realized, that you can open them by several tricks. You can use yoga, meditation and psychological research into your own life.

The practices of yoga is made to open them. In the meditation, you can focus on many different aspects, but if you would like to open them, be very very patient and focus one by one. Also, you have to not be afraid to look into your past.

Being spiritual; a big trend, but what does it mean?

Your darkest and most painful secrets and emotions are the key to opening the chakras. Do not walk away from yourself but dare to face your past hurts, failures and/or traumas.

Another method is going to reiki or energy massages, they enhance the opening of chakras also and can tell you about the hurts you did not think about before.

Connecting with spirit, how do you do it?

We hear many stories about people talking with the deceased, spirits, angels, the divine or whatever you would like to call it. The reason I talked about chakras before, is because when your chakras are open, the connection with spirit is better.

Then you have the different levels of frequency. If you are as we say “open to spirit” on a lower level, you won’t like very much what you see.

If you higher your vibration, your experience will be peaceful and joyful. You will feel like you have never done before. Raising your frequency you can do by being positive, seeing the different perspectives in life and changing your mindset.

Besides that (Conscious) food and sports are also an important factor. And the big one: PATIENCE. Like they say, patience is virtue and brings you the most joy eventually. For the ones that are patient, there will be an amazing road ahead. Dare to look into your past, dare to forgive and dare to let go. Its a challenge I provide you.

Is spirituality scary?

Many of us are afraid of the things that are not tangible. Can you see Wifi? You cannot, but we know it is there, because it is connecting us with the internet.

The same as spirit, the divine, source it is connecting us all together with invisible wires. Seeing scary things is something you shouldn’t allow. It is your own frequency that attracts the bad.

Make sure you raise your vibration into the love vibrations out there. After all, love is all that is! Just like in life, if you are positive, you will see that positive people will be surrounded by you. If you are negative, you will attract people that will be negative with you.

So, if you are afraid do not be afraid, you are protected and beautiful. Do not let fear stop you from wonderful experiences. Do not stop at just letting it be a trend. It is very real and you can feel it from the core. See for yourself how far you would like to explore. You will know where your limit is, however, there is no real limit out there! And you know it!

Conclusion of what being spiritual is

Being spiritual is exploring the world of the unknown. It is digging into your own self and not being afraid of all the sides you have. It is a continuous adventure, which makes your life much richer.

For me it created only positivity in my life, as many positive new people came into my life. My life is much brighter and the colors of nature reflect to me like sparkling bubbles. Live in the moment and be conscious about yourself! Show compassion to others, treat them as how you would like to be treated.

Do not be afraid, it is a trend but yes a good one. This is the trend we would like to continue, do not think you are spiritual when you are just doing a practice. You have to FEEL it and dive into yourself.

That is how you really become spiritual and you can really enjoy life. Be patient and you will see. You will have more ideas on a daily basis and have more clear what your life purpose will be. Your moods will be much happier than before! Can you image how a world full of love feels like, I am very much looking forward to it!

Let’s raise our frequencies and live a life full of love, which is what I wish for all of you with all my heart.

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