The power of positivity, where do you start?

As I am all about collecting the pieces of happiness with The Mindful Magazine, and therefore an article about the power of positivity can’t be left out. In a world where negativity and pain is promoted a lot it is difficult to stay positive.

But, let us be real for a moment, someone needs to start. I am going to tell you on how you can be a pillar of positivity.

The steps of (increasing) positivity:

These steps will help you to have a positive overview in life. This is great for people who suffer from depression,  who have a cloudy view of life or the ones that are easily taken in into negativity (which is most of us).

Following the negative flow is easier, as most of us are in it. Are you ready? Let’s start with some positivity right here, right now.

1. You have to believe that you are positive

The first step and mile stone, is that you want to be positive. If you have this idea in mind, you will pay attention to the negative aspects of life and people that are trying to get into your energy field.

The power of positivity, where do you start?

If you truly believe from the heart, you are a positive being, which you are, then you can start setting an intention of being positive. You can even meditate on this higher vibe, to increase your beliefs. When you meditate, you feel the higher energies within your body and a rested feeling.

We are human beings, beings of love, if you believe that you are one step ahead. We are not here to hate each other, it never gives us good feelings to hate, love is what thrives us, and what makes us continue in life. Make sure you believe and see that. Just know what it means to be mindful.

2. Speak positive words

How easy is it to be dragged into negative conversations and gossips. It is so much simpler to talk about other people than yourself.

If the focus is of yourself, you can feed of these negative thoughts and talks about others. There is no denial, each and everyone do this at times. Judging others is almost our natural state.

Most of you are already familiar with positive affirmations, these sentences increase your positive thoughts. When you repeat the same sentences over and over, you start to believe it. Which will help you in step 1 of positivity. The sentences can be as followed:

– I am beautiful / handsome
– I am perfect already
– I am a being of love
– I give and receive love
– I am abundant
– I attract good things in life
– I am positive
– I am strong

All these kind of short sentences, can raise your positive outlook in life. Hopefully just by reading the word “positive” so many times in a sentence, you will already start this challenge of an uplifting nature! I know you can do it.

3. Provide people with compliments

After complimenting yourself, which is very important, you can compliment others. Tell them, they have beautiful eyes, that you love their intelligence or how amazing their creativity skills are.

Compliments can be about the physical or about someone’s talents. You just might safe that 1 person’s perspective, that was just about to quit what suits them so well.

The power of positivity, where do you start?

Just like buying from a local shop, where the person puts all their efforts into it. They remember that you bought from them and you can feel that they have put love into their work. Food, jewelry or paintings, anything you can think of.

4. Get out there and meet people

We think often we are individuals, but true happiness comes from being together. Meeting people with similar tastes as you. Learn from each other and grow.

It is not just the romantic relationship that does that but also friendships. You can choose to go to a sports class and in stead of going home, try to meet others and understand where they are coming from. We never know the story behind people.

Often we misjudge other people, or we simply do not ask anything. What if we know their stories, especially with the people that do not look so happy. We do not have to act like life savers, but sometimes just a question or a smile is enough.

Guess what, it does make you more positive. Humans love to make a difference in the world, that is why many love the superhero stories. There you go!

5.  Increase your knowledge / skills

Sometimes, we feel like we are standing still in life and nothing happens. Happiness, is not the first thing that comes in your mind, usually it feels like you are useless.

Therefore, it is always good to keep your knowledge or your skills up. If you are a great athlete, then make sure you keep yourself busy with some new tricks, if you love studying, then buy that other book and fill yourself with some ad hoc wisdom.

The power of positivity, where do you start?

We can all learn from each other, everyone of us has a special skill and it is up to us from who we would like to learn. You resonate with someone or not, that is usually the person that you see yourself in.

Are these people bringing you info that your brain wants to hear, read or see? You will know it immediately. Luckily there are millions of books, Youtube videos and workshops to go to.

6. Keep the positivity up!

This is the hardest part I would say. Starting positivity is easy, but keeping up the game is a different part. It is a level-up challenge to stay optimistic on this vibe, but you can do so by choosing to not allow yourself to fall back. Or when you do, you know how to get back up.

When you are positive, other people will automatically be attracted to you. They will smile back at you, because all there is, is energy. What we give is what we get.

However, not everybody is so happy with such an optimistic person. They will provide you with some anger, but do not mind, it is their own lesson and frustration. Keep your head up, and send them love, they need it most.

Hopefully these simple steps, work for you as a reminder. We know it is true in our hearts, but we just need someone to remind us of who we are and what we came here to do.

Have a beautiful day & much love as always!

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