What does it all mean to be mindful?

Everywhere you hear it nowadays, “being mindful,” “stay mindful,” and find yourself but you wonder, I have no idea what it is about.

I can tell you straight away that there is no perfect answer to the understanding of mindfulness. But I can tell you what it means in my eyes and why I am writing this blog in order to trigger mindfulness into your own system and life.

Mindfulness is a way of living, a way of being. It is not something you can apply for 1 hour like an exercise, there are certain practices you can use that will help you. Let’s move on to the understanding of being mindful.

Observe the observation

Mindfulness is a lot about observing and understanding the situation from a perspective that is higher than yourself. In other words the first step towards mindfulness is to become aware of yourself.

What does it mean to be mindful?

Why do I feel unhappy in some parts of my life and what have been in your eyes “going wrong” up until now. You just can’t figure out why you can’t be in a romantic relationship, or why you can’t have that amount of money on your bank account or the dream job that you have been longing for.

Life brings you obstacles, but you are your biggest one

One of the hardest things to do is put a mirror in front of yourself. Am I really being honest? Would I be able to to deal with myself if I turned the tables around and I had to deal with someone like me?

Being mindful is not presenting yourself as a perfect individual or ignoring your feelings. It is about embracing the way you feel and where you feel a need of improvement that will aid in the process of the world. It is about being kind to others and have a compassion. Furthermore, it is about a reflection of yourself. What do you not like in others?

Often the part you do not like in others, is the part you do not like about yourself. We create our reality and isn’t it true that some of the obstacles come from ourselves and not from others. It is about how we deal with it in a mindful way, that harms the least people and most importantly yourself. Being hateful and angry to others, hurts yourself not others as you are left the the frustration. Be non-resistant in a complicated world.

Mindful Practices & Living

Mindfulness is about observing and being aware. After that it is time to put it into practice. Mindfulness is not about practicing it on just certain times, it is a way of living.

It is about compassion to one and another, it is about constant observation of life and applying new approaches and see what works best for you. Not acting impulsive or out of anger, but observing your anger first and act when you are cooled down.

Mindful living does not mean that you have to behave like a guru. I will not deny that meditation is one of the key practices, that will enhance your understanding of yourself and humanity.

What does it mean to be mindful?

You have to know how you feel in the moment, to understand your own body and emotions, take some time to sit still and write down how you feel, or share it in a group.

The key to understanding is silence, and after that it is about talking about your feelings. It is very important you understand your feelings so you can give it a place in your life.

Mindfulness can differ from breathing exercises, to yoga, meditation, writing and speaking. Combine all of these or find what fits your personality. As we all know 1 size does not fit all and find what works best for you.

Forgive, do not revenge

An important aspect of mindfulness is that we learn how to forgive. When we forgive someone we can move on with out lives. If you stick to hate and revenge, you will always be busy with the person you hate most… did you hear about love and hate are close to each other?

What lesson did the person bring to you? Why are you so upset and what did you learn from the situation. What will you do different when the same situation appears in a distinctive form? Ask yourself these questions as they are key and can bring you forward in life.

” Mindfulness is ever flowing, ever so great, always active, forgiving and continuous. ”

There is no end, no achievement of sorts. The only thing I can say is that you enrich yourself more and more every day. You get a greater understanding of life and its movements. Your compassion and love grows for people, animals, life and the planet if not all can be seen as one.

Mindfulness brings the understanding of oneness

We are all part of each other, without other people in your life, life would be dull and without any encouragement. How can you divide good from bad, if you haven’t experienced bad?

If we understand that without our polarity we can not grow into something better. We have to understand that we have a free choice of being good or bad. It does not happen to you, it is your decision. You create your life the way you want to, being a good person might be a way of more obstacles and hardship, but it certainly is the most rewarding one.

Being greedy, not doing much and reaching for the stars won’t get you far. If you want change, be the change. There is nothing else to say, we all have our own lucky falls and down falls.

Do not be jealous of others, but focus on your own happiness. In the end that is all that counts, start pointing fingers at people as you don’t know the full story. If you want to, take your time and get to know them! Do not feel guilty for enjoying your life, but take it as it comes. You deserve the best and breathe that in for me!

Compliment yourself, you deserve it

Talking about what you deserve, try to love yourself as much as you can. You are born here on this planet, which is a miracle on its own. Why not love yourself the way you want others to love you.

Why treat yourself badly when you can just give yourself the break you deserve and put on that nice outfit, because you are worth to look at. Do not take it all so seriously, we are a short time here and we have to enjoy it all as much as possible. See it as a roller coaster ride that is scary, exciting, daring and you feel great after.

What is mindfulness

Look at yourself in the mirror and tell yourself how amazing you look today, and not only today, but always. How grateful you are that you can experience the beauty of nature and all the fantastic people that made your life a little better.

Enjoy your work, enjoy the traffic jam and put on your favorite music, enjoy your children running around and laugh at someone who looks angry at you. There is no time for grumpiness, why waste another day, when we do not know how much we have left? Life is a question and non-definite, but yet infinite.

I love you all lots! Wish you spend your day lovely, as I will go outside now enjoying the sun with my friends. Had a productive morning of Astrology Classes and writing the article. Feel valued in life and provide a piece of service! Wish you all the best.

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