If the end of the world is near, what would you do?

Just a random question, popping up in my mind today. What would I do when I know next week will be the end of the world? What is valuable to me?

Detach in order to attach

“What matters most in life?” and “what do I really want to achieve?” are very important questions, many of you forget to ask yourself. Am I actually aware of what I have at this moment? Do I know what it means to be mindful?

Especially, in the west we are not very conscious of how much we own and have. But in a way, many of you are always unhappy, because you are always looking for more that fulfills you. When you have nothing, you realize that other things matter. Things that actually make you rich.

If the end of the world is near, what would you do?

Therefore, detaching from everything you own and have, also called “the hermit period,” will make you understand what you are genuinely missing in life and what you already have.

My recommendation is to detach for a while with all you have. Turn off your TV’s, and spend some time alone with yourself. Get to know yourself and try to live with less for a bit. You will be surprised how rewarding that is, just look at the program “secret millionaire” in which they spend time with people from the so-called “lower-class.”

They always end up so appreciative and happy. See what people achieve with so little.

Appreciating beauty around you

Now realizing how much you have, after taking some time alone. It is time to see the people you appreciate. Who is always there for you, and to which people you spend too much of your time and energy. Often we are walking after the ones that cost us the most energy. Because you want people to like you so badly.

Do not chase for perfection or self-fulfillment that is likely not to happen. Keep the people in your life that absolutely care for you and where there is an exchange of love, help and fun. Nothing is a one-way stream. If it is not happening, it is not meant to be and other beautiful things come to arise for you.

Walk into nature, it is given to us for free! I know some of you love to sit inside and that is not a problem. But spend some time in nature. It will connect you and if the end of the world would be near, wouldn’t you have want to miss all that beauty that is provided to us. It costs nothing!

Following your dreams

Right now you realize what you have and what is possible. After the possibilities it is time to narrow down the things you would like to do. If time would be limited, what kind of dreams would you chase?

If the end of the world is near, what would you do?

Some things seem impossible to reach or many of you think that you do not deserve this success. This all is nonsense. We are born naked and equally and nothing makes you different from others. There are people that were a step ahead when they were born, but maybe they do not take the chances they have. If you want something, you can achieve it and there is no doubt.

Often, the people with the most uneasy lives, accomplish the most. They know they have nothing to lose. What would you do if you have nothing to lose? Which dreams would you chase? These are very important factors in order to move on.

There are no standards nor limits

Many of you feel like they have to live according to standards that are made by society. But those are just a belief system that we own. You can break through that cycle of thought. Country borders, rules and time are all made up by humans just like you and me.

Which means that it does not exist. It can exist in your reality. The realities we live in, you create yourself.  We were born with free will, not with obligations. Obligations were created by humans once again.

If the end of the world is near, what would you do?

If you understand that life in your own hands and that you do have a choice, you can change your reality. Sometimes we do need to be a little patient, but if you do not try, you are sure that you will never reach any dream.

Time is just an indicator of an illusion, it comes in handy, when you want to be somewhere at the same time as another person. With work or any appointment, the clock is of great use.

Love what you have, love what you do and love yourself

What are you waiting for? What stops you from loving yourself and others. Isn’t it exhausting to hate so much and to judge each and everyone. It is a difficult process to step out of the judgmental part, but can you at least try? If the end of the world would reach?

Or your time is running out, would you like your memory to be full of hatred? I guess not! Why not open your eyes today and tell the person that you like that you do. Why don’t you step up today.

Why don’t you tell yourself how beautiful you look, because overall you are a perfection on itself. Your body if functioning and you do not have to do much for it. Everyone has imperfections, it is your choice if you want to focus on that. If you run out of time, those things are just simply not important. Start living today, do not make a big deal out of small things.

Love your family, your friends and people around you and just avoid the people that are not on the same frequency. Respect everyone on its own journey. Maybe today they lack of something, but tomorrow they might wake up and see!

Everyone on its own time, its own pace and its own choice.

Wish you good luck and much love.


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