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Poem: Finding the Ship of Light

Hello fellow readers. A new poem I have created for you on this wonderful day. The Mindful Magazine always has beauty and love for you in store. Hope you like it and I wish you a wonderful day!

Meet me halfway stranger
Nothing lasts forever
We have the now and eternity
Worry is not necessary in the growth of humanity

Leaving behind what is needed
Love will grow and becomes permanent
Persistence obtains results
Results from life that you have created
Creation of life, creation of what is

Who needs answers when you know
Knowledge is key to our existance
Books are not always the answer
The answer is within you 

Nothing lasts forever
Forever is all we have
Look for the rising
Rising is happening
Are you on board?
Do you see the ship of light?

Go on the journey
Journey of life, journey of love
All that matters, all that states truth 
Truth is in our mind, truth is for us to find
Meaningless pressure, mostly available
See beyond
Find life
Find love 
Find the ship of light


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