How to motivate yourself to reach your goals

Motivation is something that we lack sometimes. We would like to be all time high, but it is simply impossible. In order for you to find the best motivation possible within yourself, I will create some steps.

As I am owning a blog, working 40 hours, doing sports and organize readings, I had to find the best mindful planning possible. And let’s be honest, one size does not fit all. One thing is for sure, we have to do the obliged things and then, we have our own goals that we would like to achieve.

If you can organize what you have in vision for yourself to reach, you are closer to your success.

Steps that will motivate your motivation

In order to get a greater understanding of yourself and your motivation skills. I am making the following list for you.

1. What do I need motivation for?

It is important that we start with the first question. What do I need motivation for? Where am I really struggling with and what do I enjoy doing. Both of these questions are very important.

Right now, I am asking you to grab a pen and paper and write the answer to these questions down in two columns. One column you sum up the things that you love to do and the other, you write your struggles.

2. Lower your expectations

Besides the things that you want and need to do, what are your own expectations? What do you expect from yourself. It is time for a rain check, and to see clearly if you are realistic with yourself. Can you really do all these things in one day? Does it really have a deadline? Maybe you can also do it tomorrow and it will be just as fine.

Because we all know that if we set expectations and we can’t reach them, we get disappointed. It is time to leave the expectations and Free Yourself from Your Past.
Let’s not hang on to sometimes that is not realistic. Maybe you can start writing down what you execute in a day and what you could add to that.

3. Pressure means withdraw

How often as children, our parents say something like: “do not cross the street” and we get so excited of not doing so, that we actually DO cross the street. We find things interesting that are forbidden. The more you let someone free to make their own choices and mistakes, the more they learn and will achieve things on their own.

How to motivate yourself to reach your goals

A natural reaction to strict deadlines at work for example is that we panic. We are sweating first on how to get things done and how possibly we can reach that deadline. If we just take a distinctive approach to this behavior, it would be so much easier. Instead, be calm, be confident and know that you will achieve what you need to.

Relax, take a coffee, be mindful for a minute and sit still. After you did that, you can continue. We are much more open to create innovative ideas when we take a moment for ourselves and then execute what needs to be done.

4. Meditate and be mindful for a minute

As mentioned before, it is important that you take some time for yourself every day. It is important that you rest your mind. You can meditate with your eyes closed, and if you feel uncomfortable with that, you can even do it with your eyes open.

How to motivate yourself to reach your goals

It is all about the idea that you quiet your mind. Because, brilliant ideas do not come from a chatting mind, but rather from a quiet one. This is how you allow things to come forward. If you have your dazzling idea ready, that means motivation, which leads to fulfillment.

5. Sports and movement

Do not think I let this one out. In order for you to stay motivated, it is very important that you move yourself. Your body is a piece of molecules that flow. Therefore, life can only flow easily if you exercise, walk or do any other movement that makes you happy. You can even dance in your house!

Also, walking outside for a few minutes can clear your mind and progress you in reach your goals. Clarity means openness, means things are able to reach you. We need some happy and good endorphin, and boost your motivation.

5. Give yourself a motivation speech

Besides listening to other motivational speakers on Youtube or reading motivational books, you can also motivate yourself. This can be done by positive affirmations. I want you to look in the mirror every day and say to yourself that you CAN do it.

You can tell yourself that you are good enough and that you are capable. If people are trying to talk you down, they are not your friends. Your real friends want you to be happy and successful.

There is not doubt about that. Tell yourself that you are capable, good-looking, fast, outstanding, lucky and grateful. If you do it every day, you will start believing it. It is the positive way of brain manipulation. It works both ways and when you believe something you can achieve. Because we all know, that you have life in your own hands! No one else does.

6. Find yourself like-minded people

Go out there and find like-minded people. They can help you with where you need to go. If you stick to the people who do not understand what you would like to accomplish, you won’t get the motivation that you are seeking for. Instead, find your way to workshops, like-minded groups and gatherings and mingle. You can agree, that you do an exchange of helping each other out.

How to motivate yourself to reach your goals

The last few years or even decades were all about the self in the western world. But, really, we are the collective. We should work with each other to gain successes. Let’s be positive together, doing so alone is much harder. We should stop looking at others.

Find your own soul purpose and work with other people attaining theirs. No more me, myself and I, but rather let’s work together for the greater good. Help each other out, smile, hug and do what drives you and makes you contented.

My last motivation word to you

Remember people, you are unstoppable. Do not let one obstacle let you down. If you have a good feeling about achieving something in what way possible, go for it! You deserve it like anyone else. You are not better nor worse. We are on this planet as equals and we need everyone for this world to function. If someone tells you otherwise, they are not ready yet to face themselves.

How to motivate yourself to reach your goals

Self-development is key to most things and will drive you to your true self and true life purpose. I am here to tell you that I believe in you, I know you can do it. You know yourself what is the right way, we all have our own intuition telling us.

There is no need for outside approval, only your own. Breath this in and start on your goals. It is so worth it! Life will never be the same.

Much love,

The Mindful Magazine

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