Stop stress, 6 steps to be more efficient!

The clock is ticking and you have people pressuring you. Finishing this task is the only thing on your mind. Your heart beat is raising and your mind goes from one to another. How can you work efficiently in life?

These following questions you need to ask yourself:

1. Will stress make me work faster?
2. Will the deadline be any less if you stress about the situation?
3. How can I finish my work/ task faster?
4. Do I need help in the process?
5. Does stress make me more popular among others?
6. Energize yourself by healthy habits

Lets go deeper into these questions and along there will be some tips that will make you a more efficient human being.

1. Will the stress make me work faster?

If you have to finish a task and you keep focusing on the deadline and on how to make it, you will start even later than you could have. Instead, take a moment to breathe and believe in yourself. You have the power to do anything and to move mountains.

Only you can finish this task in the moment. When focusing on this particular thing and just doing it, you open your channel to your higher self. Your connection will bring you creativity and flow. Haven’t you experienced a time in which you just typed and everything that came out seemed to be good. This is the stream you would like to come into.

Stop the stress, 6 steps to be more efficient!

2.  Will the deadline be any less if you stress about the situation?

Is the deadline coming any closer? No, it is not. Therefore, my recommendation is… just take it light. If you take things lighter in life and you just assume you can do it, you can.

There is always a chance you could have done better. In some cases, it is just a matter of taste. What is good for 1 person, can be terrible for the other. It is just a matter of perspectives. Never doubt yourself, when you have an attitude of self-confidence (without ego involved), people are less likely to go against you.

3. How can I finish my work/ task faster?

You are working on a task, but you wish to finish it faster. Sometimes, stressing less helps to work faster. Healthy pressure can be good and makes you aware of how important it is to finish something. Involve this healthy pressure with some rest.

Close your eyes for a few moments and just start. Often our mind is distracting us from a task. Because lets be honest, there are many other things we could do instead of finishing the task. Especially, with this huge trend of Social Media.

What if you just wrote down everything that you still need to do. It is a worry for later. For now…. just focus on what is really necessary to finish. Breathe through your lower stomach and focus on your crown chakra. You will be surprised how that might help in solving the problems and finishing your task at hand faster.

4. Do I need help in the process?

Are you the independent one, who is too proud to ask for help? Then, sometimes think about the fact that in some cases you do need help. My tip for you is, do ask for help when you need it. We live in a world where eventually we are all one. If you ask someone nicely, you will be surprised how many are willing to help you in the situation.

5. Does stress make me more popular among others?

Your stressful mood will likely not be highly appreciated by the people around you. Try to stay calm and work towards your goal. See one determination for that moment. If you have more tasks at hand…. make yourself a schedule so you have an overview of what needs to be done. Do not take everything too serious, in a life dependent way. There are much more severe things in life than that. This is just a phase in which you are learning. In a few years time, you would either laugh about the situation or you have forgotten about it.

6. Energize yourself by healthy habits

I can’t say it often enough. A healthy body is a healthy mind. You have to take care of yourself. Especially in times of stress, people forget to eat or to eat healthy because they do not have time to cook. But please, your work will only take longer if you do not nurture yourself.  Eat food that brings you energy like vegetables, nuts and fruits.

Healthy food in combination with some sports will do the job. You do not need speed sports like weight lifting or be an extreme athlete. You can just have a half an hour walk outside. Breathe in that healthy outside air and stand still in front of trees for a moment.

Think everything through and the ideas might just enter, before you even realize it. Sometimes you need to create space for things to happen. If you head is full already, how do you bring new ideas into your mind.

Stop the stress, 6 steps to be more efficient!

Conclusion of efficiency

After reading these core steps, do you feel like you are ready to take on life? Any task at hand you are able to handle. You create your reality, and wouldn’t you want one in which you are the star. In which you are able to finish all tasks at hand.

Will you reach the top of the mountain with me? Start believing in yourself and do not spend your time stressing over things that are just small steps in the process of life. It is all a matter of perspective. Take your time, be efficient and motivate yourself with these steps and take some time to meditate. Meditation and silence will provide you with the space you need in order to create master pieces.

The question is…. are you going to be with me in the creation of success?

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