Perfectionism and high expectations defeating itself

Expectations are coming from everywhere. Expectations of performance, expectations of settling down, expectations of being normal and expectations of yourself.

Who is setting these expectations? And what is normal to you? When you think about it expectations are created by humans (and society). The divine is not expecting anything from you.

perfectionism vs wisdom

There will be no interference when you fail, as this is a part of growth. You are free to choose which direction you would like to go in life. How ever can you choose if you do not know what you do NOT like. If we end at our destiny right now, life would be extremely boring.

When everything is handed to you, life would be without challenge, and the challenge that you would normally set for yourself would vanish.

Remember when you were young and you would only go for the thing that was not allowed. In this article we talk about the other extreme, perfectionism and how to deal with it.

When is it ever enough, MR/ MS Perfect.

With all the pressure of society, and the judgmental opinions of others, we can create a perfectionism that is never ending.

When is something ever finished? When is it ever good enough and when are we ever satisfied with what we have. We always strive for more, grasping into the unknown, not knowing what exactly we grasp.

Are you afraid of publishing something, or coming forward with your dreams. Are your expectations so high, that you are worried someone will judge you? People who resonate with you will love what you do, others will always judge you, no matter how perfect your work is.

Read into your interests, define your skills and at one point when your heart is telling you to come forward, you are ready. Procrastination never helped anyone and will only make yourself feel worthless. There is no harm in bringing something forward that is not completely finished. You will add more to it in time, when you see your work from a different perspective.

Notion of time prevails

Time provides pressure to the perfectionism. You might say: “it takes too long for me to finish this project.” Because of the pressure of time, we actually go slower. We spend our time stressing how we can’t finish something. Will it ever be good enough?

Notion of time prevails

Once you just trust the process and know that everything in life is a cycle of ups and downs, you let go of the expectations. Something that looks horrendous to you, might be a blessing to another. It is a perception of taste.

A true misconception of “failure,” is that you have not reached your true purpose in life yet. You are exploring the possibilities of your desire and can’t we accept that all parts of the process are part of your purpose. It is a road full of purpose, that each and everyone of us take forward.

Time is an illusion, and we are all part of it. We are on a journey of exploring new territories and expanding our intellect and consciousness. What could possibily be wrong in the expansion of oneself.

Definition of perfectionism

Definition of perfectionism could be the “perfect understanding” of a certain subject, while a subject can be endlessly explored. Perfect is an understanding of perceptions, perceived by many, all in different shapes and colors. Perfectionism is an understanding that only you perceive, as the divine would never set a record of perfectionism to anyone.

Definition is defining what is perfect to you, defining truth to you. Therefore, overcoming your perfectionism, is just understanding that it does not exist. As a human being you are created for this world, therefore, you are perfect in the divine eyes, but this too could be a different perception to you. Do you understand where I am coming from?

Follow the joy of your heart, the exposure of your path, bit by bit. Try new things, fail new things and leave the old. There is no wrong or right, just for you personally.

Expectations you feel you deserve

Do not be afraid to fail and set expectations for yourself that you think you can achieve, so you won’t have the fear of failure on your way. This exactly is how manifesting works. You can only manifest what you believe can come your way. For some thing could be 10 euros, and for others this could be a million.

It is time to think of yourself as worthy, you are good enough and you can achieve anything you want.

Perfectionism and anxiety

Often anxiety is linked to perfectionism. This is because of the pressure someone is putting on themselves to be better. This comes from a deep stemming feeling of unworthiness. “If I just achieve better and be better, my parents will love me.”

“Once I achieved 1 million euros, people will finally notice and see me.” Non, of these driving reasons are wrong, as they can be a true force to achieve your goals. However, the best reason to achieve goals is to do it for you, and to know this will aid you in your expansion in life. Be the achiever of achievements for your personal growth.

Anxiety is coming up when you are doing it for someone else, when you want people to be proud of you. However, if everyone is a reflection of how you feel.

Feel good about yourself and what you have done, and other people will follow. You are who you are and once you stop pleasing, and moving forward to a security of thyself, life is unstoppable for you.

Make me proud by your imperfections

Your imperfections might just be the reason, things work out. Love life as you are and be perfect at being imperfect. Your character with it’s scars, experiences and unconditional love is embracing the people around you.

Start thinking of a process of failure and achievements and the imperfections that got you there. What do you really have to lose? People will misjudge you?

Nobody is perfect

Well, they should not be in your life in the first place. You are who you are and if people do not accept you for your true heart, this means that you are in the wrong resonation group. Either accept each other for your differences or leave in a matter of respect.

Boundaries can help you a lot further, and saying “no,” is not offensive when it is about your personal space. You decide your life, you decide your expectations (based on what you want to achieve), and comparing yourself to others should be part of the past.

There will always be people who are better and have more than you, but just like you, they started from a place of beginning and insecurity. Just trust the process and leave the perfectionism to the divine, and you will be just fine dear soul.

Lots of love,

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