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Poem: “Innocent laughter”

Chaos among all, panic is felt
Joy left the building and dreams sailed away
Nobody could have foreseen the unseen
Lifted from the spirits of shadows
Fear arises and clocks tick louder than ever
Where am I going?

The wrong question is asked
There is no where, only the now of today
Creation of happiness is not located among the diseases
Long awaited gloom right in front of sorrow
The restless could not discover the treasure of home
The cooperation of being, the selfless actions of oneness

Be where you are, love who you will be
Security is invisible, it never has been there
Open to achievement of self, the only secure feeling of all
Who am I ?
The noise vanished, and serenity entered
Joy to the love, love the reality of life
Altered dimensions are waiting for you to be discovered
Hidden, yet so real
It can only be felt by the calm, by the face of peace

Once the run of valued paper is over
The sky brings back the worthiness of nature
An air of innocence comes back in
Not revealed by many, but deeply found in the stars
Acknowledged as love above all, unconditional and infinite
No judgment, no shame
We are here, and so is the Age of Aquarius
Relax, and laugh like never before
This is how you are valued most
Life is not a promise, it is the innocent laughter that defines its beauty
Smile, and be you

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