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Poem: “Happiness for sale”

The world of the 21st century, where happiness is for sale
A world of options, a world of never running out
Too many choices, where does it end?
A rainbow of opportunities is presented
We can swipe our ways to eternity
When am I really satisfied?

Life is about creating our own happiness
Simply buying our ways out, ever consuming
Who is sitting next to me on the train station?
A class of robots finding their happiness
Not one moment of peace…of serenity
Restless and always on the run
Where do I find my happiness?
So many questions arise, as there is no way out

Living in the moment, taking a breath of air seems like a waste of a life time
What if I missed my happiness?
Chasing the unknown, searching for truth
Hearts running wild for highs
The next adventure will be better
Gratitude is a knowledge of the inner truth
But for how long will it last
Options for choices, and choices for happiness
What will fit me best?

Years passing by, choices expire
One day I will find my happiness
Keep looking for confirmations
Giving power to the self-preserved
Loving conditionally the purchase of happiness
Never ending, strongly repeated

Pursuing the repetition of self-fulfilling prophecies
The truth can only withhold the ones in peace
The ones who stop looking
The ones that believe happiness comes their way
Not achieved, not forced
The miracle of happiness is your birthright

Because you are a miracle,
and that should be celebrated with a smile

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