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How astrology can help you – Alison Chester Lambert

Overview of the interview with Alison about astrology

In this wonderful interview Alison Chester Lambert is talking about how can help you and the proven benefits.

I feel truly blessed to have spoken to such an experienced and knowledgeable astrologer and astro-psychologist, writer of 2 books and published 3 card decks.

I am more than proud to present this wonderful interview about astrology. In this article I will explain the concepts and questions of what astrology is and how you can find some answers in life through astrology. Hope you are ready, because this is really interesting and exciting information!

How astrology can help you and the proven benefits

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1. How did you start this beautiful journey of astrology?

I always give the same answer when I have been asked this question, because the answers for me is pain. I was constantly going through relationships and it always was about 2 or 3 years and it always ended up in a lot of pain.

It seemed like my world just did not work and then I decided one day that I did not want to be in the same situation anymore, and I have decided to understand what was keep going wrong.

I was always interested in reading astrology and horoscopes and I thought: “this must be the answer,” there must be more to this. I was fortunate enough at the time to live in London, when there were actual real classes in astrology, which I joined in 1989/ 1990.

How astrology can help you and the proven benefits

I remember from the first class I thought: “this is it, I have come home. I can understand myself, why I failed, what I did wrong and what I could do to improve it.

Then I went to regent’s college, there was a center for psychological astrology there and from that moment on, I knew I was swimming in astrology and I loved it! I joined telephone life lines, which people could call from the horoscope/ astrology columns of the Newspapers from the UK.

When I joined the team I realized how much I did not know yet. I had to tell people about their lives while having the astrology chart in front of me, however, in these times I learned a lot more astrology.

After that I was learning and learning more and that brought me to where I am today. I am still enjoying reading every single chart.

2. Where do you look at when you are reading an astrology chart? Is it just the zodiac sign or is there more to it?

You have to understand there is more than one type of astrology. There is the simple astrology which you get with in the magazines with the sun sign columns and there is the high-tech astrology which is what I do. It looks at the moment you are born, the place that you were born, the time and date that you were born.

How astrology can help you and the proven benefits

If I put a pen on the earth, the distance to the sun changes, therefore, the location where you are is indicating a lot about you and your astrology chart.

It is about the invisible electromagnetic field lines, the position of the planets when you were born, whether they are above you or below you and the zodiac belt, which is around the earth. It is important to know if it is night or day and when I am looking at the chart I look at the position of the planets, the zodiac signs and then I just read it (sounds so simple isn’t it haha).

If someone relocates and wants to know about the recent astrology transits, then the new location is taken into considerate as the distance to the sun changes.

3. Could you explain a bit more about the houses in astrology and what do they present?

The houses look like the segments of an orange and when you cut an orange through the middle you see the same kind of segments as houses in astrology. The houses are divided into 12 segments and they represent the person.

They describe all of your experiences and how you are with your body, how you feel security and comfort, how do you communicate and another one will talk about the routines in your life and your career. The houses pick up different aspects of your life.

4. Could you see where I can find a relationship and if I will get a relationship in astrology?

I do not really relate a relationship to distances as it could be that the best place for you is in the middle of the ocean. That does not mean that you will never find a relationship, therefore, I prefer to look at other factors and see what works best for you and what needs some improvement.

How astrology can help you and the proven benefits

Think about astrology as a weather report. When someone is looking for a relationship, I can look at the position of the planets at the moment of birth and the position of the planets in the sky right now and I can predict if it is a good time for you to meet someone. However, the client could mess this up because if you sail a boat but you never reach the land where your George Clooney is waiting for you, because you are not catching the wind, there is no way you will get there.

If you stay in your house all the time, there is very little chance that you meet someone, so it is up to you. Going on a dating site would be a good idea therefore, as the universe will match you with the right person in that good weather time.

5. Can you see what is someone’s life purpose?

There is something called the north node when the moon path crosses the sun path and it is a highly karmic place. This is what I look at when we are looking at someone’s life purpose/ path.

It is about meeting the other planets and using the other parts of your chart as most people only use about 25% of their chart. When they had an astrology reading maybe a little more, but it usually takes a life time to discover all of the aspects of your planets.

Astrology can explain about different parts in your life your “purpose” or direction, and this can be done according to transits.

6. Where did astrology come from?

There is evidence that the Babylonians were using it 6000 years ago. They were looking at the planets, observing them in the sky and they wrote down what happened with the nation according to the position of the planets.

Furthermore the Egyptians, 4000 or 5000 years ago used astrology with the charts we are using today and observed the planets in the sky like the Babylonians, standing on the top of the temples.

Also the Greek came along and added their philosophical thinking to it, especially about the “who am I?” The first charts were discovered from the year around 300 BC, 300 AD and the ideas were taking from the Greeks, Egyptians and Babylonians. They did not have television, so their sky was their TV.

How astrology can help you and the proven benefits

7. Can you see if someone has a karmic life and does that have something to do with people’s traumas?

You can see family karma with crisis and trauma repeating itself through the families. It is all about understanding what is happening for the people and to make sense of your life.

Then it is no longer in the dark and you will start to change it by knowing as you are aware of the situation. That is the magic of the revelation of the astrology chart and the karmic family patterns. Only one person needs to be aware of these patterns and then it will magically heal even through generations back (even though they have died or the ones that are unborn yet).

It is not about healing others so much, but more about healing yourself. You can ask for help and assistance from other people like reiki therapists etc., but in the end you have to start with healing yourself.

8. What do religions think about astrology?

In the 17th century there was a big fall-out. Let’s look at the Catholic and Christian church. The bible says it says astrology should be burned like the weed in the fields, so we do not get a good press here.

I think that is because the main religions, all wanted to be in control and astrology gives you a lot of control of yourself. Both church and science are not very keen on astrology and church and science have an uneasy relationship, so it is kind of a three way thing. However, astrology is still here and people tend to follow it and in their experiences it works. It may be that where religion can’t tell you all the assets, astrology comes in, therefore the consistent interest.
How astrology can help you and the proven benefits
With the multi-religions/ faith coming into the world,  there are laws coming in against religion & faiths discrimination, which makes people appreciate each others believe systems, which is great.

There are actually religions which are based on astrology, like the hindu-religions, which are becoming increasingly popular. Therefore, astrology has been more lighted up than before.

9. Will astrology show your exact future and death?

I can’t see the exact future, I can only see what is good for you and I put the client into the driver’s seat of their life.

It is more about understanding yourself and your life. There is no telling when someone is going to die, it is more about the positive aspects of changing your life for the good. It is just telling you when it is the best time for something they are asking for like careers and relationships.

10. Could you tell me in 1 sentence what is astrology to you?

My world, my life, everything and it is a tool that I am lucky enough to use every single day in order to help my clients and I feel very blessed to do so.

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