8 steps on how to stand in your power

I am honored to speak to you all again. I am back from my trip in Thailand and ready to write and inspire again. My trip was all about “how to stand in your power”.

It inspired me to write a blog about it. Because where do you draw the line? When are you able to say “no” and when are you considered unkind and without compassion, simply unwilling?

Especially, for the ones that are very conscious about themselves it is very difficult to draw lines. We understand people as a result of our own (previous) suffering. We do not want other people to go through the same but end up being used as doormats.

This is NOT what we want. We want to stand in our power and show people that we are kind and loving beings, but that we certainly have our limits!

Let’s move on to the 10 steps on how to stand in your power:

1. Like the number choose yourself first

There is many people jumping to have some of your help. They see the light in your eyes and they want to have some of that too.

You are such a good adviser and you know how to provide the key of help to others. Stay awake here, you can’t help others if you are not feeling well yourself. It means you give away what you do not have.

First, love yourself, heal yourself and feel good about yourself and then take the step to heal others. Then again, when you are in a good place, but at the time you feel low in energy, be wise and withdraw from people that just look out for your help or attention, because it won’t provide you with any lasting energy.

2. Stick to your own truth

A good second what I have discovered is to stick to your own truth. There are many people on this planet and all of us have different opinions, experiences and visions.

Does that mean anyone is wrong? No, that is the whole funny thing, there is no right or wrong. There is only right and wrong for you.

This is the limit that you draw for yourself. Which of the opinions I want to take in and I resonate with? And which of the opinions do not fit my reality.

8 steps on how to stand in your power

You are here to learn and find out what is truth for you. Where do your interests lie? What makes your life smile? If you stick to what you love to do, there is no one else going against it.

Think about it, we look up the most to the people who have found their passion and true purpose. “They are so sure of themselves”, I wish I was like that… You can be! Just stick to what you love, and live what inspires you.

3. Set boundaries for yourself

It is fantastic to hear you are such a giving and loving person. Many times in the readings I hear, but I have so much love to give and I do not get any of it back.

The trick is to set boundaries in the amount you give away. Everything that you grant to other people, you should not expect back.

If you give, it means that you are not asking for anything in return. Asking for something in return means exchange and could be seen as labor for example.

8 steps on how to stand in your power

So, it is time for you to set your boundaries on how much you would like to provide to people without asking for something in return.

Trust me, I am not a know-it-all, I have been through all of these before writing about it! Life is all about lessons and I am eager to learn from them and then in return share it with you! I think it is time for the next step of standing in your power. I am sure that you are ready too!

4. Be the leader of your own life

There is many things that you “have” to do. The so-called “obligations of life”. I truly understand as we all have these.

However, I think it is time for you to be the leader of your own life. No matter what age you are, or where you stand in life, there are always people trying to influence you into something you do not like.

May it be your parents that tell you to choose another study, your friends who tell you to go out while you do not want to or your partner who wants you to stay home all the time.

self worth

It applies literally to everyone! But remind yourself, people who are trying to control your life, have lost control of their own lives. They just do not know where to search for themselves and where to start, so what is easier than focusing on other people.

I hope that provided you with some clarity on how to stand in your power. It is not meant from a mean heart, it is from their own lack of purpose in their own lives. I am here to remind you to stay in your own power, do what you love and do not listen to what others have to say about it.

We all were born with our own talents, there is no way we can compare ourselves to other people. We can learn from each other, but we are all unique in our own way.

5. Understand the cycles of life, do not hold on to the past

Often we are in cycles of life. People come and go, and we have to understand that everyone that comes into our lives has a purpose. They are all mirrors of ourselves, this might be a mirror that we like or that we do not like.

Relationships of all sorts are here to teach you something about yourself. When you have learned your lessons about this particular relationship, the universe will separate you and it will flow naturally.

It can be very sad and hurtful to leave a situation behind. Some of us keep being sad about the same situation and completely forget to live in the moment. How can new opportunities arrive in your life when you keep holding on to the past?

You are not in your power when you are for a long time in the same down period. Sadness is very normal and should be embraced as it is. After the period of sadness, there is a recovery period in which you set the stones to be open for new things in life again.

You do not have to forget any cycle, as they are all wonderful on it’s own or maybe not so great.

It is not about forgetting, it is about creating a new space for new experiences to arrive. Life is an ongoing school and it is up to you on how to deal with that. A great way to learn more about yourself is with astrology.

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6. Stop comparing yourself to others

When you compare yourself to others constantly, you will always feel more inferior. There will always be someone who is better than you, has more than you, even though we do not know what really happens behind the curtains.

Everything we see from the outside could be an illusion. What is nothing for others could be everything for you.

Your life will be so much more complicated when you keep comparing yourself to other people. It is important to stick to your own life and try to resolve that first.

What can I do to make myself the most happy? What do I need to change in order to obtain what I would really love to achieve? Start with questions and then move on to your own life path. Yes, you can do it! I certainly believe in you.

7. Avoid negativity the most possible

We can’t be happy all day long and entertaining to people. But, we can choose the people we would like to hang out with.

If you are in the right vibration, there is a high percentage of people that lack these happy energies and would love to hang out with you. They will try to make you feel guilty about everything in order to keep you close to them.

8 steps on how to stand in your power

You are the feeding element. People like this are usually called “energy vampires”, personally I do not really like this word. I prefer to say that they are not on their right path yet. Usually the energy draining has to do with their own (chakra) blockages in their body.

If many of them are blocked, especially the crown chakra, then it is very difficult for them to obtain their own energy.

In order for you to stay polite, do not respond to much and just take your distance. They will get it after a while and move on to the next positive person.

Besides draining people, you do not want to be in a situation of constant negativity, may it be the working environment or a household you live in.

The previous steps already show you that you are the leader of your life and you choose the energies you want to be in. Just be mindful, I know you can do it!!

8. Be conscious about yourself

We have talked a lot about the surroundings and external factors, but since everything you do starts with you, it is important to be conscious about yourself. Was I truly in line with my own truth? Did I step out of line this time?

Are you strong enough to apologize? We are certainly not perfect and we all make mistakes. Sometimes it is us that need to say sorry. If something does not feel right in your life, your body will tell you.

You know something is “off” and after this discovery it is up to you on how to heal this for yourself.

8 steps on how to stand in your power

A true strong soul is vulnerable. It is not the warrior who fights the outside, it is the warrior that fights the inside of ourselves.

Reconsider what is strength, strength is the calm storm that walks in, that accepts all that is, it is the person that smiles even though when you are not in alignment with yourself.

It is the person that knows that everyone is taking things in their own times, on their own pace and that person knows we are all in the same boat, struggling with life lessons.

There is no perfect human being, but a strong one is easily recognized by their openness (no secrets), their perseverance, their willingness and their kindness. A strong person is kind, compassionate but at the same time knows his or her own path to take.

Conclusion of standing in your power

Inner power is something we all have. It is something that comes to the surface when parent loses her baby and tries to find it. It will go into depths and use all the power they have to return their baby.

Inner power is the inner knowing that all will be oke again. It is the intuition, the knowing that what you want to achieve will happen. It is the person that recognizes that everything you put into the universe by hard work, you will receive 10 times back.

Sitting at home without any action, won’t bring you what you want. Rather find something you like and take action. Money, recognition, inspirations and like-minded people only cross your path when you are in alignment with what you want to achieve in life.

Without any goals, your life seems meaningless and your inner power stays dormant. Go out there and explore what life has to offer you. Do not stay in the past, do not stick to a future, just live now and decide what you want to achieve today.

Listen to your intuition, your inner knowing and you will arrive exactly at the destination you are meant to be. Just stand in your power and thrive!

Much love as always,

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