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How to stay vibrant, young and alive at any age?

Usually, I come across as very energetic, a bit goofy, very much alive and joyful. Off course, sad moment exists but what we would like to reach is more optimism, a more youthful look and a healthy and energetic appearance.

We could blame aging and a good figure on genetics, or there might be some other factors in the game. I will point out some steps that will change your view on yourself and your body.

It is all about believing in yourself and a desire for a better change. It only can start with you, and therefore it is time for you to read this blog post. You are ready for change, you are ready to shine and you are welcoming a glowing more youthful appearance.

So, let’s not wait any further and start with the steps.

6 steps to make you look younger and vibrant at any age

Take in every step deeply and resonate it with your own life. One size does not fit all, but you can think about how this is reflected to your own life. These are basic things that most of us experience in one way or another, if not, you must have your glow already going on!

1. Face your emotions, and stop hiding them!

Do you face your emotions when you have them? Are you trying to hide them, and think they will go away. I will tell you a little secret, every single emotion that you have and you are not facing, will nest somewhere in your body. It will come back later, when you are more open to face your emotions or in a weak state psychically or mentally due to illness or fatigue.

However, when you would embrace the emotions we have at the time of being, you would prevent an extreme state of tiredness and emotions.

How to stay vibrant, young and alive at any age?

Many times you overeat yourself, turn into excessive sports, buy new clothes or turn into addictive sex in order to forget how you really feel. Really embracing your feelings is not an easy thing, it is damn scary, but did you think life was effortless when you came here?

You are here to learn your lessons and to get your karma quite right. Therefore, I am here to help you, providing you with tips on how to overcome these obstacles. My question to you is: “how to you process your emotions, and what could you change in order for it to flow?”

Men are not allowed to have emotions and women are vulnerable because they have emotions? No way, vulnerability is the strongest emotion of all times! Strong people are vulnerable and do not need to hide from their emotions.

2. Do what you love and love what you do

Do you feel like a caged bird? Is your way of expressing yourself dead? These sentences sound severe and straight to the point. How do you deal with this? These questions need to be asked.

Have you felt like you have been pleasing others by making the “right”choices, which were eventually the right choices for others? When you are cut off from your precious talents and feelings, you are starting to focus on other people and wishing for what they have. You become more bitter and the aging process is fastening.

You have a life purpose given to you, there is no such thing as “I do not have a talent”. Yes, you do! We all came to the planet with a specific purpose, which maintains and helps the society. If you cut off, or let yourself be forbidden to do what you love, there is a big chance you fail in many other things in life. It is a about coming into alignment with who you are, when you do what you love, and love what you do, you attract the right people, relationships and (work) opportunities.

When you are stuck being the victim of “why me”, you will miss your “powerful moments”, because you are needed like everyone else. Remember that! Do not be caged, by your surroundings, may it be work, family, religion, teachings or anything of sorts. You are magnificent AS YOU ARE, you do not need to adjust, change, or be someone else from who you truly are.

3. Smile, go out in the world and find your people

Yes, do some workshops of your interest, go do the sports you like, make a trip somewhere and start meeting up with people that resonate to you likening. You will be surprised how many people have things in common with you.

Feeling like a strange bird, is sometimes when we are born in a family that does not embrace what you truly desire and that is oke. You and your family might be different and you should embrace each other for your differences, instead of holding on to the feeling to change your family, isn’t it time to create your own (chosen) family to share your interests with? You can keep both and love both.

With your biological family you share distinctive things than with your chosen family you talk about your hobbies, your preferences and opinions. Because if you make a choice, you will be surprised how much other friends who do not share your opinions go along with you.

My own little story example

When I moved to Malta 3 years ago, no one in my family liked that idea. I was already travelling enough and now you want to move countries for good? However, I chased my dream of living on a sunny island with the sea nearby as I felt the energies would be calmer here. It would benefit my being and I had no family to leave behind yet.

How to stay vibrant, young and alive at any age?

My mother was very attached to me and did not want me to leave, but in my heart I knew, that if we became detached from each other, we could finally build our own lives. Now, 3 years later we had a phone call about the choice I made 3 years ago. Our band has been stronger than ever, my friends from home I Skype and call with and have a beautiful destination to come to and everyone seemed to be fine with my decision after all. Scale your own possibilities with your responsibilities, but make a middle way that fits all.  I could have moved to Australia, but that would have been too far to ever see my family in the Netherlands. Therefore, I chose an option closer that would make me fly back to my country within 3 hours and I can still see my grandparents, because bless me, I still have them!

4. Exercise and no more excuses, you are younger than you think!

Get yourself off the couch and start to be active, sitting down all day will not make you any younger or fitter. No matter what age you have, you can still move around and be active at the level that your body is telling you. Listen to what your body is asking you and start with your weekly swims, yoga classes, football classes or no matter what is calling you.

Movement is movement and there is no right or wrong in this. You know where your interests lie and being fit, means you are moving. When you are moving more, you bring more things in motion in your life and that is exactly where we want to be.

How to stay vibrant, young and alive at any age?

We want to obtain more good things and besides a healthier body, there is a good chance of meeting new and interesting people, so step 4 can easily be combined with step 3.

There you go, one more thing to think less about. Get started with some good work-outs and before you know you will start glowing and you will obtain much more energy, which you need for your wonderful life purpose and hobbies.

5. Manifest yourself a good healthy body and a vibrant, young look

As mentioned before, you are never too old to do something. You can do whatever you turn your mind to. When you keep repeating that you are getting old, well, you will get older faster as the universe will get your desires right where you want them to be.

We are all familiar with the precious law of attraction, be careful what you wish for because you just might get it. Desire yourself a fit, slim and healthy body and work out in a healthy balance. If you detest the food you take in, your body will not digest it as nicely as when you bless your food.

Therefore, many prayers are made before taking in food. Understand the law of attraction and its doings. Look in the mirror every single morning and tell yourself how beautiful you look.

When you are grateful for what you have and who you are, you start showing that on the outside equally. Be happy with yourself, your skills, your body and everything else, even though you do not feel that way. Just say it out loud every day until you DO feel that way. You deserve to be beautiful, you are beautiful already, therefore believe that you are.

6. Eat healthy, organic and colorful.

Colors, I love them so much. If you like colors in life, in nature, in your house, why not on your plate ( and I do not mean candy)? Colors are related to being alive, happiness and beauty. If you would eat all this delicacy every single day, wouldn’t you be a more vibrant and optimistic person.

How to stay vibrant, young and alive at any age?

If you do not see the colors in life and you eat many colors, as your state of being reflects to your eating behaviors, you will start to feel better when you eat colors. Organic food comes from nature, which is created for us to live in. Everything that comes from nature is pure and untouched and right there to provide you with all the vitamins you need.

Eat many vegetables, (sweet) potatoes and reduced amounts of other things you will be fit by eating only.

Conclusion of being determined to be more young and vibrant

Wow, after reading this article I bet you feel different, more vibrant, more optimistic and more willing to change yourself. Because, now you know that what you feel from the inside is related to the outside and what you feel on the outside is related to the inside system.

I wish you all the best, luck, love and peace that I can give you. You are all in my heart as I hope I am in yours. We are on this planet to help each other, and I hope my writing will bring you exactly what you need for that moment. Thank you all for being here, you are wanted and loved!

Much love,

The Mindful Magazine

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