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Poem: “The Love Engine”

We are meant as one 
Any moment and any time 
The moments cross each other and kiss each other’s lips
No more sorrow left 

Life has much in store for you
But your engine can only take one at a time
Tired from running, tired from standing still
Expectations have overrun the fuel
Fuels can’t be mixed, therefore one tank must fill itself

Never have you felt more loved
Time has so much in store for you
The engine of love is full of potential 
Missed by those who run their own competition
Missed by those who think time is forever 
Love is powerful and runs by itself 

Sewing thoughts together in order to regenerate
Never have I felt this way before
Glowing aspects of the engine are visible in daylight
I don’t want to look too deep as it reveals the lack of the perfect runway
The way to the finish is near 
This is the place I want to stay

Feel the love engine as it is
Do not change the feelings of loss 
Embrace each and every single breach 
As they form the engine in its beauty 
Never have I seen such uniqueness 
It is a challenge I accept

A match of two in which both can reach the finishline
There is no winner, there is no competition
It is a reward for both
Two engines working together as one 
Not merged, not set 
But always loved and perfectly balanced
It is called the power of the heart 
Hold it, and let the engine of love run forever
It is all that we have


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