Is the path of spirituality for everyone?

We heard from it or we have been once in our lives to a medium, spiritual coach, spiritual masseuse or a guru. However, did you ever wonder. Would I be able to do it? Or did you immediately exclude yourself from this path?

Often we look at talented people in any form, and we think that is something that we could never do. But when you think about it, if you put your mind into something and you focus on it, you are able to do it. Like being an athlete or being a good writer.

Talents or skills required?

As said before, when we ourselves into something, we get better and better. You can teach yourself a skill and be amazing at it. However, it is true that for some people specific skills are easier.

This has a simple explanation, it is a talent that is close to the person’s true life purpose. In that way the universe is supporting this talent and the person is more receptive in learning this specific skill.

Is the path of spirituality for everyone?

Someone with a more athletic body is more likely to be athletic. But it doesn’t mean that someone who pushes him or herself with a higher weight cannot do it.

You can do anything and everything is possible. There is no limit to what ever you want to learn. The counts for spirituality and the spiritual path.

What is the spiritual path?

Is the spiritual path always the path to enlightenment or are there different paths of spirituality?

It is a good question to ask yourself. In reality, being spiritual is just finding the most peaceful version of yourself. You see the world in a more enlightened way.

Is the path of spirituality for everyone?

Not all of us are here to find the way of enlightenment. We all have our own purposes in which we can shine. When we are spiritual, it means just that we have a bigger understanding of life.

We see life as all is one. Defining individuals for their traits fades away. You will tune in and out of this amazing divine feeling and you are able to train yourself into this peaceful feeling. Especially meditation will help you get there. Meditation is your friend here.

How to develop spiritual skills?

Being clairvoyant, clairsentient or any other clair trait takes training. Some of us are born simply more “receptive” than others. That doesn’t mean it is impossible for you to get there. It’s like learning a new language. You have to practice day in and day out in order to get it right.

Some are born musicians and some are born psychics. But it doesn’t mean you can never become a musician. Just train every day and practice being calm. The trick is that when you are calm, you are more able to “receive”.

When you still have the daily chatter “ego voice” in your mind that tells you what to do you cannot hear the divine voice. You learn how to separate the two in a later stage. But first focus on being quiet in your mind.

What would you like to get out of spirituality

The question is, what exactly would you like to get out of your path? Would you like to experience the overall overview of it. Would you like to make it your job?

There is a thing called “lightworkers,” these people have a call, a tendency and gut feeling that they need to raise the frequency in the world. When you are one of them, you know.

You feel the calling. But it won’t differ you from any other person. Everyone can be spiritual. Our calling is making other people see the “light” in life! Therefore, there is no “I am better than you or I have more powers.” This is something I would like to emphasize.

Is the path of spirituality for everyone?

You do not create this for “powers” and use it for bad purposes! It is meant to help people or yourself. It can be for self-discovery, love-discovery or any other form.

NEVER use it for evil purposes or influencing other people. Do not use it as a power for egocentric purposes, but rather as a power to help our beautiful earth and the people on it. The only selfish purpose is to use it for your own insights into life, which brings you further. Keep that in mind.

How can I learn to be spiritual?

How can you learn to be spiritual and where do you start? I recommend you to start with the beginning. Start with discovering yourself.

There is a huge platform called Youtube, which will bring you much further into what you are looking for. You can follow my channel on Youtube “The Mindful Magazine” or any other channel. Search for people that resonate with you and that you feel comfortable with.

Furthermore, you can look for spiritual groups, like meditation or yoga groups. Or you can go to workshops near to you. You can learn from people with a lot of experience.

They can help you learning the tricks that bring you to a lighter path of life. However, never ever go to someone who asks insane amounts of money, or tells you you have no talent. There is no such thing.

We are ALL human beings with all the same capabilities. We just need people with different life purposes. So yes some are in higher frequencies than you, but certainly not better than you. Everyone can get there!

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I hope this article was helpful for you, if you have any subjects you would like to know more about. Leave a comment below and I will do my best to explain you about the subject the best I can!

I am trying to make the article as simple and clear as possible, in order for everyone to understand what is mindfulness and the spiritual path.

Have a blissful day!

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