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A message to all lightworkers (What is your calling?)

Dear light workers, awakened souls, star seeds and old souls around us!

In this Youtube video I have a message for all lightworkers. We should not be afraid to align into our abilities and shine the light into people’s life including your own.

You are the creator of your own life and therefore listen to the creator from within. Be grounded and stick with how you feel. Do not let other people influence you on what you feel is your life purpose, dear lighworkers.

Life purpose of lightworkers

Light workers have a common purpose to raise human consciousness, but the way we do it differs from each other. Each and every one of us has a specific soul purpose.

Not everybody can be a teacher or a massage therapist. Lightworkers can be doctors, artists, writers, chair makers, farmers etc. Name it and it is possible. Do not stick to what you think is right for you, but stick to what you feel from the inside your life purpose is. The whole idea of raising consciousness is to spread the feelings & words of love. That there is more than 3d reality, that what we see day in day out on our planet. We can connect to a higher source and that is not narrowed down to people who simply “look” spiritual.

A message to all lightworkers (awake or not yet awake)!

That is another very important factor, you do not need to look spiritual. And when we think about it, what is a spiritual look. It is our natural state of being that is forgotten. So yes, house moms, business men and every normal daily life person has the potential to spiritually awaken.  When spirituality as a cause itself is a life purpose for you, you will feel the calling. It doesn’t make you more special or better than others. It just means that you committed and decided on this life purpose before you were born on earth.

However, if you have a daily job, you might feel a calling to change it or combine your current job with your spiritual purpose. That is often how it starts. You first need to develop a skill in order to fulfill your purpose.
You will carry this higher energy and people around you will profit from your positivity, doesn’t matter where you are.
Every one counts and we need each person to do its life purpose so the world functions in a healthy way. If you do something that is not your life purpose, you will see that you will obtain a lot of resistance. You might call it “unluck,” but it is better to say that it is just simply not what you came here to do.

How to be of assistance to the divine?

Meditation helps you to connect with your higher self, which knows already what you came here to do. There is no doubt in that. Just learn how to listen to what is said.
A light worker can be a shop assistant who talks to the people and brings the most inspiring words. The compliments of that person has made the day of that man or woman who came and tried on the jeans.  Do no underestimate the influence you can have on someone’s life. Start with yourself, start with knowing who you are and create awareness of yourself and this planet.

Imagine you are going to work, you talk to someone and you just made the right comment. That other person starts to think about what you said and is slowly changing the way of living as when successful for that person, then carries it on to the next. You do not need to dress spiritually, because the glow will be seen from your skin. Other see how positive and amazing you are feeling and how aware you are of your being and actions.

A message to all light workers (What is your calling?)

Where to start with light work?

A lot of questions that I am receiving is, how do I get there? And what can I do to change it? That is exactly the awareness we would like to spread. Look at all the yoga happening in the world right now. It is amazing to see, as for example this brought me also to my spiritual awakening. Never underestimate your influence in the life of others. Some people naturally attract people in their lives as they carry a more positive energy and view of life. They are more positive and thus attract more positivity.

When you energy is raised, people feel naturally drawn to you! When you are negative, not many people want to be around you. It is all about sending energies in the world and what reflects back of your own energy. Like the mirroring of people. Each and every person you meet, reflects an expect of you. If you do not like a certain aspect, that is a reflection of yourself mirroring into the other person.

Shine your light and start with yourself

In other words, listen from within, shine your light and start with yourself. Only you can make a change. Waiting for something to happen or for the world to change will not work. As it takes all of us to cooperate with the same goal. Raising human consciousness. Do not be afraid and do not let anyone tell you, you are doing wrong. Open yourself up and use it for the good, and NEVER to influence others or for the bad. Be selfless and be willing to dare to be different. Dare to be unique, because in the end that is your only way to success.

Overview of the light worker steps to take:

  • Dare to be different
  • Start with yourself
  • Be the living example
  • Uniqueness = success
  • You do not have to look like a spiritual person
  • We are all equal (all life purposes have a purpose to help society)
  • Be aware and know that everyone is a reflection of yourself
  • And last but not least LOVE YOURSELF

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