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How to deal with daily working routines?

Almost all of us have to deal with them, the fabulous daily routines. Everything in your life looks alike.

You wake up you go to work, come home, cook, watch television or read a book and sleep and the next day you have the same routine. Sometimes it is frightening, beautiful and mesmerizing.

What should we question in our daily working routines?

If we think about the routines, and I am talking especially to the ones that feel trapped, why do we not choose something that interests us.

Why not choose routines we like? What treasures us most? What makes us wake up every day of our lives? Is there something that makes you move, which makes you smile?

How to deal with daily working routines?

These are very important questions. As we should not only put a value to our lives, but also to ourselves. We should not think that we don’t deserve something.

You are able to reach anything in life, because you are good enough and you can achieve your dreams. However, choose your own dreams. So if routines are bothering you, and are making you unhappy.

Think about what you can change…. what CAN you change about your current situation. Do not think in what you CAN’T change, as that won’t help you improve the situation.

Answer these 5 questions about daily routines to yourself

Below I will make you question your life even more, write down the answers that apply to you. Your answers can be as long as you feel comfortable with.

You can share your answers in the comments or keep them to yourself. My recommendation is to write them down and read them again the next day.

1. Am I happy in the situation of life that I am in?

Please think about your situation of work, home situation, health situation or any situation that comes up right at the moment you read the question.

2. Am I doing the job I have always dreamed of?

Is the job you are doing now what you would have expected and what you dreamed about when you were a kid? Think about it, question life. Answer your questions. Dare to dig deep and dare to change things with a good responsible mind.

3. Do I do something that I like, or that somebody else likes?

Think about it, are you choosing a job because you love to do it, or because someone else loves you to do it. Or does it make you feel better about your image, or do you stand more in the background than you secretly know. Step forward to what you are capable of.

There is no perfect job, all the jobs are needed and necessary. There is only 1 person that can make you happy and that is ONLY you. Are your thoughts shifting already? Good. Let’s continue to the next question. Because I want you to question life, and be the best that you can be.

4. If I can’t change my situation as it is, what CAN I change?

A lot of times, we think in limitations, but we should do the opposite. You can’t complain if you do not like your situation and you think in limitations, that means you are contradiction yourself. So I dare you again to look further, what can you change in your situation?

If you feel like you are not moving enough, because you are doing an office job, why don’t you take the stairs walking up or down. You can walk 10 minutes in your break, sit down in nature or do sports.

Anything is possible. You have to understand, life is not made to be perfect, if we understand this we can make sure we can make the best out of imperfection.

5. How energized do I get from work, can I change my environment?

Are you coming home and you feel drained? Or do you feel fulfilled and satisfied? There are many possible feelings you can have in one and the same environment. Are you complaining? Or do you feel like you can change things? What if all your colleagues are unhappy and you are keeping each other in that state?

What can you do to change things. Can you organize fun events or show interest in them. What if you decide to shine the light within your own environment.

As described in my blog about realities, you create your own reality and what if you start creating your own instead of looking for a new one. Good solution, or what?!

Conclusion of your daily life

So, after you have answered all these steps. Do you think you are able to change your environment? Hopefully, this blog made you aware of what you are capable of and that you are the one that can change your life.

I asked many questions and you have seen many question marks. I am not the one that can help you do it, you are the only one that can change your life.

In that way, the only thing I can do from my side, is to question your life. Do not complain about your daily routines and instead own it and find something that you can do.

Maybe you can freelance or you can find a job with different shifts. There is a solution for all you wish. Do not complain, but start manifesting your dreams. Because you are worth it!

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