How to develop your intuition properly?

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Intuition is something we hear of, but it is not very clear to what degree we have an intuition and how to develop our intuition.

Feeling and intuition

Many times we have a “feeling” that something will happen or you bought something, because you felt like you need something.

You do not know why you did something, but you just did it. Yes, everyone this is called “intuition.” You do not need to be spiritually awake to have an intuition. Each and everyone of us has it.

How we have forgotten intuition

However, nowadays we do not learn how to use our intuition but rather how to use logical facts to explain certain situations, decisions and changes. Why is the intuition forgotten?

It is seen that people that live close to nature and have more time to think are more open to their intuition. Does it have to do something with the connection of nature? Or do they just create more space in their minds?

How to develop your intuition properly?

The mind is a very powerful tool that we use, it wants to define situations and people. It can logically explain calculations, observations and science.

The mind stops the flow of creativity

But in many ways when we define with our minds, we want to have stability, money and explanations for everything we do. In this case, risks are not taken very often anymore and the flow of creativity is minimized.

Your logical mind is not able to create art which comes more from visualization and intuition. The best art comes from expression and feeling, while with accountancy we need the logical mind to explain the numbers.

However, when you want to feel the vibration or energy from a certain number you need your intuition. So, using both your mind and intuition together is key! This can be used for many purposes and you will have a wider view of life and can certainly help you in your day to day life.

How to train your intuition?

What can we do if we would like to train our intuitions? First, it is important to find peace from within. Intuition calls for listening to your inner self. You can’t hear your intuition if your mind is too busy chatting around.

Meditation, yoga, walking in nature or any other quiet form of being is a remedy to find that space of peace from within. The intuition comes more from the heart and what you could do is focus on your heart chakra (placed in the middle of your chest) during your meditation. In this you can ask for guidance from the heart.

Intuition of the heart

This is the start, but if you would like to take it to the next level you can start living in the now and start making decisions from the heart and intuition. It doesn’t mean that it will always lead you to the most happy situations. It means it brings you to the situations that bring you most lessons and eventually more happiness.

How to develop your intuition properly?

You can train with a friend, see if you know how that person is feeling or invisibly tapping into their energy. See how much you know of someone’s past. Preferably someone you do not know that well.

If you set this intention for training the intuition with others, the right people will come your way. As this contains the famous Law of Attraction.

The more you connect with yourself, the more you are aligned with your intuition. Intuition might come in thoughts, visions or dreams. Try to write down how you feel about certain situations or people and be patient and see what happens.

Intuition and patience is key

Our logical mind wants results right away. It wants to receive the answers immediately and does not want to wait for results. Because if you have to wait for certain results, your mind starts to doubt the feelings, the calculations and everything you started with.

It makes you confused about what you are doing. It’s related to the ego, that wants to created the confusion and it will decrease your self-esteem and intuition.

In order to use your intuition, you need to stand strong and grounded with your decisions. People around you will make you doubt, so will your ego. But if you feel something so strongly, please do listen to it.

Do not make reckless decisions, but only you know what is good for you. You feel what is right and not someone else. For this you can work on your root chakra based beneath your navel. The color is read, so yes red underwear could be very favorable or you can imagine the color red during your meditation.

Our higher self in connection with intuition

Many of us think, what is our higher self and how do we connect with it. Our higher self is our higher soul, that connects with us from source. It is our “divine” part of our being and it knows already what you need to do in order to fulfill your lessons and soul purpose. It can see us from a greater perspective.

The more you align with yourself, the more you can trust on your intuition, the more you see that your guidance brings you to amazing opportunities, friendships and relationships. The higher self knows you more than anyone as it truly is you. The divine part of you is the higher purpose of your human being.

Your intuition comes mainly from your higher self as from your guides. You do not need to be an intuitive to hear. It is preferable to be more aligned and connected.

How to listen to your higher self?

The higher self you hear with the inner voice within your mind, heart and soul. It guides you to what you need to do. If you doubt about what you are hearing, you can ask your higher self to repeat itself.

Furthermore, you can ask for signs. You will receive signs in numbers, recommended movies, new people in your life or feathers (which mainly stands for angels).

Doubt is something that occurs, when using your intuition. But trust that everything has a reason and that your divine self knows best what is good for you.

Stop doubting and start flowing with the guidance of life. Start trusting yourself is key and is all you need in order to find what you are looking for in life. It will provide you with the best possible outcome.

  • I challenge you to live with your intuition.
  • I challenge you to be the best version of yourself.
  • I challenge you to not doubt your feelings.
  • I challenge you to feel great about who you are.
  • I challenge you to feel secure about your feelings
  • I challenge you to feel alive
  • I challenge you to stand your ground
  • I challenge you to be GREAT

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